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             At, Davolt, who had been denounced by
             Mr. Marcus, the beloved leather columnist for the Bay Area Reporter, admit-
             ted, in the name of business and raising funds for charity, that he had lied,
             or prevaricated, or at least covered up the truth about what was really going
             on financially with Drummer and the Mr. Drummer Contest:

       keep up appearances...and the confidence...of contestants, spon-
                sors, customers and suppliers long enough to fix what was wrong...We
                put on our game faces. The immediate past is not something anyone
                currently involved with the Drummer names is eager to talk about.

                Davolt’s “immediate past” was where the last of the archive treasures
             disappeared. His admitting to his bit of a hustle put me on guard from my
             previous support of the Mr. Drummer Contest for which, over time, I had
             been a judge as well as a sponsor-patron offering prizes to the winners. In
             1979, Embry and Al Shapiro and I, sitting trio behind closed doors in our
             office, handpicked the first Mr. Drummer ourselves. Later, as part of leather
             panels, I helped judge Mr. Drummer 1988, September, 24, 1988, and Mr.
             Northern California Drummer 1990, April 28, 1990. As the owner and film
             director of the leather and fetish studio, Palm Drive Video, I was listed in
             the program for the “Mr. Drummer 1989 Contest List of Prizes” as the first
             video artist to create a cash prize of a $500 video contract to the runners-up,
             and to the winners of regional Mr. Drummer Contests. Some of the win-
             ners I filmed were Wes Decker in Leather Discipline Duo: Punch and Boots,
             Larry Perry in Naked Came the Stranger, and Southwest Mr. Drummer, Rick
             Conder, in Leather Saddle Cowboy Bondage.
                On June 18, 2001, Davolt wrote:

                I am writing for a favor (naturlich) [sic]. I enjoyed your books (Some
                Dance to Remember and Mapplethorpe: Assault). I was wondering if
                you would do me the honor of sending a signed volume to be used as
                a raffle prize at my birthday party (a fund raiser for the AEF Breast
                Cancer Emergency Fund) on Wednesday, 27 June at Daddy’s Bar.

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