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294      Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

               The late Mister Marcus Hernandez, who was for thirty-eight years the
            principal eyewitness and news reporter of good, bad, and ugly leather behav-
            ior on Folsom Street, loathed Davolt’s dishonesties privately and in print.
            Marcus dubbed him “Robert Revolting.” Eyewitness Queen Cougar, the
            beloved emcee of nationwide leather contests, was Marcus’ longtime friend
            and caretaker. She nurtured him in his last illnesses and became the keeper
            of his archive. She wrote to me on January 18, 2012 clarifying:

               Marcus’s beef with Robert Davolt was that he felt Davolt was weak
               and not a worthy leader. They [in their long feud] really only made up
               in print because of pressure from the BAR [Bay Area Reporter] man-
               agement—putting pressure on Marcus to not keep the flame going
               with Davolt, as Davolt had come to them asking for Marcus’s head
               on a platter....Yes, he did try to have Marcus fired....[He wanted to
               take over Marcus’ job as the BAR leather columnist. After Marcus’
               death, the BAR leather column eventually went to Race Bannon.]
               Bob Ross had no intention of firing Marcus, but they did want to
               maintain a reasonable truce between Marcus & Davolt not wanting
               a lawsuit to be mounted....Marcus knew Davolt was playing games
               with the [Drummer] money... he was very savvy about who in the
               community did that kind of thing ... and it disgusted him. He knew
               the community was being damaged by all the rip-off artists.... He
               was very concerned about preserving our history, and, despite the
               dishy aspect of his work, he truly wanted the best at all times for the
               community as a whole. He was not afraid to dish out punishment
               in print to those who it was clear had committed serious infractions
               against their club or organization. He often chose to let “sleeping
               dogs lie ” regarding one scandal or another, because he was getting
               older and felt it was sometimes like swimming upstream to get
               [leather] people to realize the truth about their so-called [leather]
               “icons.”...He hated how people didn’t have any balls when it came
               to exposing and dealing with the rip-offs and bad-asses of our com-
               munity. [Marcus had] interesting story of the night at the San
               Francisco Eagle when they [Martijn Bakker who sold rights to the
               Mr. Drummer Contest to Mike Zuhl ] unceremoniously snatched
               Drummer out of Davolt’s hands [freeing Zuhl to create his ongoing
               and omnisexual DNA “Drummer North America” leather contests]

               As a survivor of the AIDS crisis, I want to know what survivors of the
            Holocaust want to know about their families’ art treasures. Where are my

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