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                                    CHAPTER 12

                                  DRUMMER ROOTS
                             IN THE SWINGING SIXTIES:
                                     CREATING AN
                         EYEWITNESS LEATHER TIMELINE

                              The Cultural Revolution of 1968
                           Ignites Stonewall Rebellion (June 1969)
                         and the Golden Age of Leather (1970-1982)

                •  The Prague Spring 1968: Student Protests against
                    Vietnam War Sweep World
                •  1968 Shootings: Martin Luther King Jr. (April 4); Andy
                    Warhol (June 3); Robert Kennedy (June 5)
                •  Feminist Separatist Valerie Solanas Shoots Warhol and
                    Leatherman Mario Amaya; Reaction to Solanas’s “Society
                    for Cutting Up Men” and Her SCUM Manifesto Brings
                    Masculine-Identified Men Out of the Closet, and Ignites
                    “Gay Civil War” over Gender(s), Introducing Concept of
                •  August 1968: Chicago Police Riot at Democratic
                    Convention: Citizens Fight Brutal Cops, Igniting the Fuse
                    on the Stonewall Rebellion Ten Months Later
                •  John Embry Trashes DeBlase’s “Leather Timeline” and
                    DeBlase’s Pet Project: the Leather Archives & Museum,
                •  Guide to Photographs of Some Staff in Drummer

                              Allen Ginsberg’s “Gay Succession”
                              or, “69 Degrees of Gay Separation”

                         Walt Whitman Slept with Edward Carpenter.
                          Edward Carpenter Slept with Gavin Arthur.
                           Gavin Arthur Slept with Dean Moriarty.
                           Dean Moriarty Slept with Allen Ginsberg.

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