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Jack Fritscher              Chapter 12                       309

                did we publish his faceless photo?”
                    Fritscher added: “In a priceless photo true to their characters,
                DeBlase and Charles pose with my sex-playmate, ‘Mr. Drummer 1987,
                Mark Alexander,’ in Drummer 108 (September 1987), page 52. DeBlase
                also appears with whip, wearing maharaja jodhpurs, in Drummer 142,
                page 69.”
                    Regarding critical thinking about composing gay history, including
                his own personal kiss-and-tell revelations such as in this list, Fritscher
                observed: “Too often when authors writing memoir books, or talking
                in video documentaries speak of history, they cover their asses and take
                out personal policies of slut-shaming insurance so they don’t incrimi-
                nate themselves with youthful indiscretions. They feign a pearl-clutching
                distance between the false ‘purity’ of their miss-remembered historical
                selves and their eyewitness memory of, and participation in, operatic,
                legendary sex that they sniff was, well, tawdry; or, my dear, the cause of
                AIDS; or never happened—at least to them. They never sowed the wild
                oats all young men must? That’s the mendacity Tennessee Williams con-
                demned in his drama about the closet, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. That’s the
                lie that talking heads tell when they deny their own history and shove the
                true sexual past of their youth into the closet where conservative, angry,
                old gay men go to rant and die. When reading such writing, or watch-
                ing such video documentaries, people who are critical thinkers might
                assess how history is being distorted by the agenda of some fact-chang-
                ing puritan looking in the rear-view mirror. When watching or reading
                any documentary about the gay past, including even Joseph F. Lovett’s
                interesting documentary video, Gay Sex in the Seventies (2005), or Larry
                Kramer’s cherry-picking documentary novel, The American People (2015),
                the viewer or reader cannot help but judge that some documentaries on
                screen and page are less devoted to honest first-person history than to the
                second-hand pleasures of voyeurism.
                    “That censorious denial within ‘politically corrected’ attitude is the
                basis of most of history’s wrong-minded appraisals about the life and work
                of Robert Mapplethorpe. I lived the roller-coaster reality of 1970s sex with
                that bold boy, and with the wild staff and wilder subscribers of Drummer,
                and I was honest about how wild we were in the HBO documentary,
                Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures (2016). I am not into any conservative
                kind of senior citizen’s denial of the most fun we homosexuals ever had.
                Why shrink from our own history? Why not embrace the true sexual
                exploits of our youth the way we love the pop music of our teenage past.
                I sing with the sainted bisexual Edith Piaf, ‘Non, Je ne regrette rien (I
                regret nothing).’ In my eyewitness experience of the ongoing sex salon
                around Drummer, my menage a trois dates of ‘dinner and dancing’ with
                the likes of Colt Studio star Mark Alexander (Drummer 108 cover model)
                and his bodybuilder partner, Peter Morrison (Colt model “Joe Falco”), at

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