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Jack Fritscher              Chapter 13                       311

                                    CHAPTER 13

                               ANNUS MIRABILIS 1979
                           (THE WONDERFUL YEAR 1979)

                               My Drummer Desk Calendar
                           Personal Annotations and Bibliography
                        My 1979 Life Editing Drummer in Real Time

                •  1978-1979 Eyewitness Drummer Timeline: Fulsome
                    Details of Folsom Street
                •  2 Guns: Harvey Milk Assassination (27 November 1978)
                    plus Robert Opel Murder (July 8, 1979) Both Impact
                    Drummer; Fritscher Turns Down Job as Deputy Sheriff of
                    San Francisco
                •  Fritscher Desk Calendar: Editing Drummer; Dating
                    Robert Mapplethorpe and Introducing His Photography
                    into Leather Culture; Colt Models Chuck Romanski
                    and Dan Pace; Bodybuilder Champ Jim Enger; the
                    Artist Domino; Meeting Mark Hemry at Harvey Milk’s
                    Birthday Party, and Outing Gay Cowboys with Randy
                •  December 31, 1979: Fritscher Exits Drummer having
                    edited Drummer issues from 18 to 33

                         “A career in the arts can make anyone crazy...”
                            —Christopher Bram, Eminent Outlaws:
                            The Gay Writers Who Changed America

             My Wonderful Year, my action-packed Annus Mirabilis, was 1979. I had the
             good fortune to be the young editor-in-chief of the hottest gay magazine on
             the planet. Everyone was having carefree, simultaneous, and epic polyam-
             orous affairs. Besides romancing the troops on the streets and at the baths,
             I was having fun playing at being Joe Orton’s “Mr. Sloane,”entertaining
             my intimate significant others: Robert Mapplethorpe, Jim Enger, David
             Sparrow, Tony Tavarossi, and Mark Hemry.

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