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                                     CHAPTER 1

                                 A MASTER’S THESIS
                                DRUMMER’S BIG BANG

                                Its Creation. Its Evolution.
                              Its Civil War. Its Culture War.
                                     Its Origin Story.

                   A Popular Culture Magazine of Gay Gender Identity

               Who Did What to Whom When Where and Sometimes Why
                       How the Leather Boys in the Band Played on

                •  Who Founded and Created Drummer? An Eyewitness
                    Narrative Timeline Featuring the Cast of Characters at
                •  The Drummer Slave Auction, Saturday, April 10, 1976,
                    Publisher John Embry Arrested for the Crime of Slavery;
                    Val Martin, the First Mr. Drummer, Tells All
                •  How Los Angeles Drummer Became San Francisco
                •  Blood, Fingerprints, and DNA: History Is the Internal
                    Evidence Printed in the Drummer Text
                •  Buyer’s Remorse and Seller’s Remorse; the Cloning of
                •  Blood Feud: How the Second and Third Publishers of
                    Drummer, Anthony DeBlase and Martijn Bakker, Reviled
                    First Publisher John Embry Who Reviled Them Both;
                    The Contempt between John Embry and Larry Townsend

             With its cast of writers, artists, and photographers, the  mise en scene of
             Drummer was important to gay identity because in its 214 issues over
             twenty-four years, Drummer created the very post-Stonewall leather culture
             it reported on. Drummer helped readers examine their boundaries, step into
             the closeted heartland of their erotic identities, find the true north of their
             homomasculine gender identities, and make their own new narratives.

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