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318      Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

            bodybuilder and the editor of Drummer grabbed the attention of muscle-
            queens and leathermen. Enger was so much better looking than almost any-
            body that wags figured that to have bagged the beauty I must have been hung
            huge or been the best S&M top on the planet. Actually, we were a Vulcan
            Mind Meld of transcendent mutuality, muscle-sex, and homomasculinity.
            Well-managed affairs in the free-love 1970s tended to be non-possessive, and
            my liaison with Enger ran parallel to my affair with Mapplethorpe so I was
            able to bring them together for a creative photo session. What happens in
            sex shapes the world. Both Enger and Mapplethorpe helped me shape the
            homomasculine look of Drummer.
               In my special Drummer issue, Son of Drummer (September 1978), pages
            6 and 7, I published a drawing of Dan Dufort by Los Angeles artist Ralph
            Richter. When Dufort introduced me to Richter at Richter’s LA apartment,
            I was admiring Richter’s framed work hanging on the wall when, aston-
            ished, I saw that one of the drawings was of me, taken, Richter said, from
            my face and pose in one of Walt Jebe’s photographs for Whipcrack magazine
            (1970). The moment of discovery was so hilarious that Richter immediately
            gifted me with his pencil drawing.
               On August 15, 1986, Dufort became the second-place winner of the
            Physique Contest at Gay Games II, San Francisco. A year later, Dufort
            starred in my video feature of his fetish, Gut Punchers (1987). Historically,
            it is the first video on gut punching which quickly became its own pop-cul-
            ture genre. Two more of my photographs of Dufort appeared in Drummer
            115 (April 1988), page 40. These same photographs were published by
            author Brian Pronger in his book, the Drummer-influenced The Arena of
            Masculinity: Sports, Homosexuality, and the Meaning of Sex (1990). Drummer
            anticipated Pronger by twelve years with my “Gay Jock Sports” feature arti-
            cle in Drummer 20 (January 1978).

                              Footnote #2: Inside the Timeline:
                        Colt Models, the Platonic Ideal, and Drummer

               Jim Enger was a masculine-identified uniform man—a man’s man, in
               the best sense, who was also a blond bodybuilder champion. Viewed
               as a kind of Platonic Ideal, Enger became for me Emerson’s “repre-
               sentative man” incarnating the homomasculine identity emerging
               in Drummer. Enger was virtually the quintessential Mr. Drummer.
                   Outside of Drummer, I spun our real-time meeting in Dufort’s
               apartment into my fictitious fantasy with no personal connection
               to Enger other than basic muscle-sex choreography in Some Dance

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