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336      Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

               June 20, 1979 (Wednesday): I turned forty. Drummer turned four.

               June 24, 1979 (Sunday): Fifty feet west of 18  Street on Castro Street,
            Jim Enger and I were cruised by Paul Gerrior and his lover, Craig Caswell,
            whom we cruised back. Ten minutes later, our foursome was at my home.
            (The handsome actor Paul Gerrior was the original Colt model Ledermeister.
            I had been lusting after him since 1968.) I saved the sweaty designer sheets
            from that Sunday afternoon, and will always treasure those souvenirs, still
            archived, with their long shelf life.

               June 25, 1979 (Monday): “Drummer: The Fourth Anniversary Issue.”
            Drummer was golden, hot, and haute because it was created out of our ten-
            year reality of liberated, joyous sex performed as a high-wire act without a
            net. Trying to keep his enemies close, David Sparrow propositioned Jim
            Enger who put him off by saying “Not now.”

                              Footnote #3: Inside the Timeline
                          Ledermeister: Homomasculine Archetype
                                 of the Leather Archetribe

               Here is an eyewitness-participant “oral history” told in the present
               tense. It is mentioned because it is typical of the erotic sponta-
               neous combustion available to all in the Titanic 1970s. A chance
               meeting on one of those cruisy, mobbed summer Sunday after-
               noons (June 24, 1979) at 18  and Castro throws Enger and me
               together into an epic four-way at my home with legendary sex icon,
               Ledermeister, the 1960s Colt super-model, who was walking with
               his own friend, Craig Caswell. Enger, who caused traffic to rear-
               end on Castro, and who stopped the legendary Ledermeister in his
               tracks, stalled the guests in the living room while I excused myself
               to take Ledermeister’s framed photo down from the bedroom wall.
               The homomasculine fantasy Enger and I had wished for had arrived
               in the gorgeous flesh.
                   Here the curtain discreetly draws, but  the  beige  designer
               sheets, like a madeleine from Proust, have been saved as holy relics
               which to this day have never been washed. Those sheets are among
               my souvenirs with a lock of David Sparrow’s strawberry-roan hair,
               a small chunk of cement from the Berlin Wall, a fragment of bone
               from the leg of Saint Isidore, the suntan-brown posing briefs of Jim
               Enger, a tiny Titian, the key to Mapplethorpe’s 24 Bond Street loft,
               my personal ticket and program treasured since August 7, 1961,

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