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Jack Fritscher              Chapter 14                       353

                                    CHAPTER 14

                                      BACK STAB!
                            The Back-Stage Drummer Musical

                •  Drummer Editors Joseph W. Bean, John W. Rowberry,
                    Robert Davolt
                •  Slave Boys, Wannabes, and the GLBT Historical Society
                •  The Dutch Connection: Who Killed Drummer?
                •  Eyewitness Mister Marcus

             “Drummer catered to the awakening diversity of gay taste, and popular-
             ized fetishes that had never been outed before Drummer came along and
             helped create the very culture it reported on.” —Jack Fritscher, “Being
             Obscene: A Panel of Pornographers,” Featuring Susie Bright, Tom Bianchi,
             Tee Corinne, Jack Fritscher, Robert Davolt, and Willie Walker, Presented by
             the San Francisco GLBT Historical Society, GLBT Center Rainbow Room,
             September 27, 2002

                                          * * * *

             On October 9, 2003, Joseph W. Bean, who edited Drummer for Anthony
             DeBlase from 1989 to 1992, wrote me an email explaining how he handed
             over all contents of his own last three issues of Drummer to the new Dutch
             owner, Martijn Bakker. Bean’s experience was exactly the same as mine with
             John Embry during Autumn 1979 when I also saw my final four strong
             issues as editor turned into insipid hybrids by Embry himself, with his churl-
             ish Los Angeles amanuensis John Rowberry standing behind the curtains
             like Eve Harrington with a knife. In addition, both Bean and I, without
             credit on the masthead, had both edited issues of Drummer earlier than the
             issue on which we first were listed as editor. Joseph Bean wrote:

                Jack, To answer your question about Drummer:
                I started working for Drummer months earlier [than it seems in
                the paper trail on the masthead credits], filling in because Peter
                Lackey was unable to do his job and Paul Martin (Heltsley) for all

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