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360      Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

               noted author and historian and Davolt is a respected leather histo-
               rian. [Italics added to show the GLBT Historical Society judgment
               that Drummer was more than a magazine. Was Embry, who lived
               in San Francisco, asked to appear, or did he refuse, or did he simply
               not respond to an invitation?]

               Mark Hemry videotaped the event in the GLBT Center Rainbow Room
            on September 27, 2002. During the audience Q&A, I turned sideways to
            Davolt and joked: “I may be the first San Francisco editor of Drummer and
            you may be the last, Robert, but I’ll never be the one to say you killed it.”
               For the whodunit of who finally killed Drummer, Robert Davolt was
            the keeper of that scandal—and I have the notes which he gave me to quote.
            Drummer was killed by more than just the internet which unplugged the life
            support on most gay magazines by the year 2000. Mister Marcus, writing as
            San Francisco’s “Leather-Heritage Journalist of Record,” made great public
            note that the Drummer brand and the Drummer contest were collapsing
            through the long-term neglect on the part of the Dutch owner, Martijn
               In the Bay Area Reporter, October 2, 1997, Mister Marcus, reporting on
            the previous Saturday’s International Mr. Drummer Contest, wrote:

               Kyle Brandon, the departing Mr. Drummer, in his farewell speech,
               thanked everyone who was instrumental in making his year trav-
               eling with the Drummer title a memorable one. He even chided
               Drummer publisher Martijn Bakker for his inattention—all year—
               to his marketing icon [the IMD winner-traveling spokesman]. The
               same complaint [from previous departing winners of Mr. Drummer]
               seems to come up every year, but it always falls on deaf ears! But this
               is the first time it [the outing of this non-support] was delivered in
               front of a Drummer contest audience, so maybe the “message” came
               through loud and clear. We can only hope!

               Davolt, who was Embry’s understudy, continued to antagonize the
            leather feud with  The Advocate  which had disguised its famous Pink
            Section “Sex Classifieds” inside its spin-off magazine, Unzipped. A very
            anti-Drummer  slam slipped into  Unzipped, January 6, 1998, page 11,
            when gossip-queen Jack Francis in his column, “Secrets of the Porn Stars,”
            reviewed Leather Week in San Francisco and trashed the Mr. Drummer

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