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Jack Fritscher              Chapter 14                       361

                Thursday night I went carousing with Cole Tucker to —huh?—
                two auctions. The first was a pre-Drummer Contest function where
                the contestants had baskets of “goodies” to be auctioned off [how
                typically Drummer] to help defray their pageant expenses. You can
                imagine the contents...which included a spray bottle of 100% W.
                C. Urine. And I somehow got Kyle Brandon to tell the owner of
                Drummer magazine how snotty his people had been to me when I
                tried to mooch press credentials to their little contest....

                Could I make these Machiavellian plots up? These kinds of shenanigans
             are the reasons that my eyewitness memoir-novel Some Dance to Remember
             has so many characters and plot lines. I didn’t shag 13,000 soul-mates and
             eat 4,000 brunches at the Norse Cove on Castro in the Titanic 1970s without
             hearing every story in the effing village. As God is my eyewitness, I fucked
             Mapplethorpe who licked my eyeball with his tongue because he wanted
             me to be his eyewitness. “I want to be,” he commissioned me, “a story told
             in beds around the world.” And so, analogously, did others, behaving and
             misbehaving, standing in front of me, the journalist reporter. Immediately
             after Some Dance to Remember was published in 1990, a few leatherfolk
             asked me why I hadn’t included them in the story as I had so many others.
             Considering the requests for walk-ons, I could have sold space for personal-
             ity placement in that memoir with sentences such as: “When the fire engines
             arrived at the flaming Barracks bath, the headlights swept across the faces
             of_______.” (Fill in the first and last names of any Tom, Dick, and Harry.)

                                          * * * *

                In 1979 when Mark Hemry and I began Man2Man Quarterly, times
             had changed during that first decade of gay liberation after Stonewall.
             Whereas Drummer had been founded in puritan LA in 1975, Man2Man
             was a 1980s San Francisco magazine that set out to go farther into wild sex
             than Drummer dared. Drummer was a large-format slick magazine depen-
             dent on advertisers and censorious news stands. Our low-budget Man2Man
             was the first zine of the 1980s and, as our passionate hobby, depended on
             no one but us two. It lasted two years because our little magazine was all
             hand-typed on typewriters, pasted down with wax, and hand-stapled and
             hand-mailed in those last years before personal computers. Its very success
             made it too much work for us with our own real careers.
                In addition, the classified ads, despite what we could do, became
             increasingly dirty at the very moment when AIDS first changed sex to safe

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