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Jack Fritscher              Chapter 14                       363

                Take this picture, for instance. It comes from a wild sex journal called
             Man2Man (PO Box 6052, San Francisco CA 94101; $3) which lists its
             contents with one, very apt word: INTENSE. Edited and mostly written
             by Jack Fritscher, former editor of Drummer and author of our fiction this
             month (“B-Movie on Castro Street”), the 52-page booklet’s most intense
             part is its bizarro classifieds, which take up one-third of the publication—
             rather vividly. While the rank majority of the ads can most effectively be
             described as “101 Things You Can Do On A Rainy Day With Your Best
             Friend’s Feces,” certain classifieds take us far beyond that, proving for all
             those fuddy-duddies who are still into blood-sex and raping Hell’s Angels
             that such pastimes are—let’s face it—simply not the dernier cri of kink.
                Here then is an update: a few of our favorite Man2Man personals.
                “BALLOON FUCK: Hot WM, 34, seeks bright butch stud to blow up
             huge balloon to bursting while I suck/fuck/jerk you off.”
                “L.A. ANIMAL FREAK: Wants muscular owners of stallions, Great
             Danes and Weimaraners. Photo of you and pets gets immediate reply.”
                “STALLED VEHICLES: Into cigar smokers in the driver’s seat of
             stalled cars. Firebirds and Camaros are real auto-fetish treats!”
                “NAVY SUBMARINE OFFICER: Wants to exchange his black nylon
             socks and garters for yours.”
                “HARMLESS PSYCHOPATHS: And weird far-out men wanted for
             everything including MC’s, piss, scat, sweat, kidnaping, cannibalism and
             anything a gay Charlie Manson might think about. No nuts.”
                “EUNUCHS: I want to join you!! Who out there can castrate me
                “SMEGMA WANTED: Drugs O K Y”
                “IT’S SHOW TIME: Dog slave needs to be trained (punished),
             groomed (shaved), shown (bondage) and rewarded (fucked). Long show
             sessions desired. Can reciprocate for right puppy.”
                “SECLUDED PROPERTY SOUGHT: For outdoors scenes and target
             shooting. Those interested in holding tin cans, reply also!”
                “FIELD PHONE BALL WORK: WM, 35, seeks CBA torture, espe-
             cially having his weighted, separated balls tightly wrapped with barbed wire
             and worked over with adjustable field phone with Brazilian parrot’s perch.”
                “PARAMEDIC SOUGHT: Am mansex adventurer in search of fol-
             lowing scenario: smearing of the muscular scat-donor with a pint of my
             own blood, drawn paramedically before scene. With the Top glowing
             bright, glistening red, his muscles would be visually more spectacular than
                And last but not least our very, very favorite:

               ©Jack Fritscher, Ph.D., All Rights Reserved—posted 03-16-2017
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