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370      Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

            in this popular international men’s health magazine published by Joe Weider
            who was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dr. Frankenstein. Indirectly connected
            to homomasculinity in Drummer, the magazine’s lead article featured body-
            builder Bob Birdsong who also made gay S&M erotic films in the 1960s
            and early 1970s with other bodybuilders such as Ken Sprague who was the
            Colt model “Dakota” and an early owner of Gold’s Gym. Dakota also made
            bisexual and gay homomasculine films with bodybuilder Jim Cassidy who
            was so frequently his co-star in gay movies that they were known in sniffy
            camp bars as the “Nelson Eddy and Jeannette McDonald of gay porn.”
            The bodybuilder Roger Callard, pictured by Tanny, appeared in nonsexual
            roles in several gay films. In the 1960s and 1970s, I bought many of the
            these 8mm and Super-8mm black-and-white and color films that influenced
            me greatly in fashioning the male archetypes of Drummer even while at
            that time we were all guessing which bodybuilders led double lives in gay
            cinema. Some of Weider’s bodybuilders also made nude solo films for the
            crisply brilliant Film Associates company which, as Chuck Renslow’s very
            homomasculine Kris Studio had been in the 1950s and 1960s, was the go-to
            studio to buy muscle films cast straighter than those shot by the openly gay
            Athletic Model Guild and Colt Studio.
               • High Times (August 1976) published Glenn O’Brien’s positive feature
            on the leather-culture explosion, “Piss, Leather, and Western Civilization.”
            For review comment, see early Drummer columnist Fred Halsted’s perfervid
            and quite surreal “Editorial,” Package 5 (December 1976) in which Halsted,
            whose ancestral roots were in the Caucasus, waxed on about the mystic
            qualities of piss, mushrooms, Aryan culture, and ritualistic spiritualism in
            leather sex, in terms of Joey Yale, Kenneth Anger, William Burroughs, and
            himself as a leather guru.
               • Psychology Today (January 1977) published a special issue, “Masculinity,”
            based by diverse reporters on the responses of 28,000 readers of Psychology
            Today twisting in the wind blowing around concepts of liberated men,
            macho, and androgyny.
               • Time (April 13, 1979) published on its cover a pair each of male and
            female hands with the huge headline, “How Gay Is Gay? Homosexuality in
            America.” Having been accused that my Drummer was “not gay enough,”
            I wrote editorials for Drummer 25 and 26 about “Fucking with Authentic
            Men.”  As  if in confirmation  of  this  endless  sussing out of  “measuring”
            homosexuality, photographer Mark I. Chester wrote in Drummer 138, pages
            24-25, that his work was judged “too explicitly gay.”
               • Blueboy (October 1979) publisher Don Embinder, adding a consid-
            eration of leather into the vanilla Blueboy, featured Ian Young, whom I

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