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374      Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

                                      EXHIBIT A

                           From Drummer 25 (December 1978)

                        THE GAY CIVIL WAR OVER GENDER:
                         An Introduction to a Drummer Editorial

                            “ARE YOU BUTCH ENOUGH?”

                                   Drummer Presents
                                  Some “Found” Prose
                            from the Red Queen, Arthur Evans
                                    by Jack Fritscher

            I wrote this editorial, as a case in point, noticing Arthur Evans in September,
            1978, and published it in Drummer 25 (December 1978), to help sort out
            the new Gay Civil War over Gender in the Titanic 1970s. For all its enter-
            tainment value, Drummer was a timely test-bed for purposeful versions and
            visions of the gay-liberation dream unfolding.
               Some gender activists misunderstand homomasculinity as if it were a
            Fascist principle and not what it is, a gender identity innate to those born
            that way. When I coined the term homomasculinity in 1977, I meant not
            masculinity as a power tool of male privilege or male entitlement, but rather
            a masculinity whose identity was rooted in traditionally masculine goodness
            in the Latin sense of virtue, which comes from the Latin word vir, meaning
            man, causing virtue to be “the quality of a man.” That was the quintessence
            I sought to define in my coinage.
               I published this satirical piece written by the self-crowned “Red Queen,
            Arthur Evans,” who was an evangelical gender missionary come from the
            island of Manhattan to convert the peninsula of San Francisco whose butch
            gays he rejected as much as they rejected him. Even so, he had a genu-
            ine political authenticity rather like the authenticity of political analysis of
            unfolding gender ambiguities made by University of California Professor
            David Van Leer in his benchmark book of the pop-culture period between
            World War II and Stonewall, The Queening of America: Gay Culture in a
            Straight Society.
               In the gay civil wars of the 1970s, with some apostolic gender cru-
            saders trying to gentrify other genders, I respected Arthur Evans’ rep-
            resenting one kind—his Faerie Circle kind—of “authentic” queen-
            ing and queering. In Drummer, I chose to give his “red”—did he mean

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