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378      Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

            roots at his own risk. One of the faults of critical thinking within politically
            correct attitude is its fundamentalist inability to understand its own agenda
            as sexist apartheid and not as the true fair play of diversity.
               This back-story introducing the “Red Queen” is a sketch of that gad-
            fly some call a saint. Evans was typical of the diverse chorus I aimed to
            reflect in Drummer which I wanted open wide to all gay voices so Drummer
            could serve the times it helped create even as it reported on them. Because
            Drummer needed reflexive material, I gladly peeled the Red Queen’s “protest
            poster” off a telephone pole during the Castro Street Fair and published it
            in Drummer. The archeology of this “found” poster shows how the effete
            New Yorker Evans, who admitted losing his sex drive, poked fun—what
            he called “satire”—at the masculine clothing and athletic sex styles of very
            earnest young gay men on Castro and Folsom which he misdiagnosed as
            butch costuming, guilt-driven S&M punishment sex, and a pecking order
            not unlike high school bullying.
               He held an entitled sense of the primacy of his own fluid gender identity,
            causing more needless trouble in the uncivil “gay civil wars.” So many were
            those petulant fights, I have often wondered why academic queer-culture
            theorists have never yet dared call the strife in the 1970s gay community
            a “civil war.” In 1982, I applied the words “civil war” in this way for the
            first time. For the very focused back cover of the Lambda Literary Finalist
            Some Dance to Remember, I wrote copy referencing my avatar James Joyce
            introducing his Stephen Dedalus to the world in A Portrait of the Artist as a
            Young Man. It offered readers a quick orientation into the who, what, where,
            and when of the book. Because we are all film fans, I designed the copy to
            read like a movie poster in a theater lobby:

                         The Cosmos. The Solar System. The Earth.
                         North America. California. San Francisco.
                             18th and Castro. South of Market.

                                The Golden Age 1970-1982

                              A Drop-dead Blond Bodybuilder
                                 A Madcap Gonzo Writer
                                  An Erotic Video Mogul
                               A Penthouse Full of Hustlers
                            A Famous Cabaret Chanteuse Fatale
                             A Hollywood Bitch TV Producer
                                   A Vietnam Veteran

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