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Jack Fritscher              Chapter 15                       379

                                An Epic Liberation Movement
                        A Civil War Between Women and Men and Men
                           A Time of Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll.
                                         A Murder
                                          A City
                                         A Plague
                                     A Lost Civilization
                                       A Love Story

                The operative line here is, of course: “A Civil War Between Women
             and Men...” and then the purposeful bada–boom break in rhythm: “...and
             Men.” Between women and men, it was still the same old battle of the sexes.
             The battle between men and men was something new, and that new spin of
             “men versus men” was locked in a civil war to define and control the new
             gay word, lifestyle. This civil war included the very nasty bitch fight between
             two gay corporations: Liberation Publications (The Advocate) and Alternate
             Publishing (Drummer) which created a gay apartheid of artists, writers, and
             photographers that exists to this day.
                The two corporations’ rivalry to control and own gay culture divided
             gay culture and its artists and readers. Their rivalry, represented by John
             Embry’s Blacklist and David Goodstein’s villainous exclusionism, destroyed
             the very unitive notion of Stonewall. The two businesses caused rifts in gay
             American culture that may take generations to heal. The fighting publishers
             divided contributors by demanding fierce loyalty: if you work for him, you’ll
             never eat lunch in this town again.
                Running a gay profile on the so-called graduates of “The Advocate
             Experience,” I offer that Goodstein’s “Advocate Experience,” mixed with
             Marxist-Leninist politics from New York and Berkeley, helped create the
             Fascistic monster-machine of the politically correct. Drummer wanted tie-
             you-up and tie-you-down erotica. The Advocate wanted to sway your, uh,
             un-chic feelings about déclassé S&M. Drummer offered alpha-dog, aggro-lit
             celebrating rough sex with working-class bravado. The Advocate was soi-
             gnee sweater “essays” ranging from timid to outright negative about S&M
                Let some seasoned scholar or some young graduate student, with a grant,
             decipher this civil war between corporate publishers seeking control of the
             “official” gay lifestyle. This apartheid in gay arts and culture, fought out in
             real time between The Advocate and Drummer, deserves its own book stud-
             ied out of research and internal evidence in both magazines, as well as from
             discussion panels at gay literary conferences and queer studies seminars.

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