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Jack Fritscher              Chapter 15                       381

                                    THE EDITORIAL

             The editorial was written in September, 1978,
             and published in Drummer 25, December 1978.

             GETTING OFF
             Bitch bites butch, and vice versa...

                                   BUTCH ENOUGH?
                          Drummer Presents Some “Found” Prose
                             from the Red Queen, Arthur Evans
                                     by Jack Fritscher

             Drummer, The Magazine of Gay Popular Culture, has tracked “The Red
             Queen” [Arthur Evans] in his/her rapier-like dissection of gay rip-off ste-
             reotyping. Drummer strives to be the authentic chronicle of gay fantasies,
             realities, attitudes, fads, postures, and politics. We wanted to send this let-
             ter from Mecca out to the national and international gay community of
             men. Whoever is the writer of this anonymous insight, incite-fully pasted
             up on Castro walls and lamp-posts in the dead of night, deservedly wins our
             “Golden Drumsticks Award—even if Drummer turns out to be next on the
             (s)hit list! Remember: Just because a guy is gay doesn’t mean you can trust
             him like a brother.
                The crusading New York effeminist Evans wrote about homomasculine
             life in San Francisco.

                        AFRAID YOU’RE NOT BUTCH ENOUGH?
                                     by Arthur Evans

                Those who join now will get a free enrollment in the HUNGRY
             PROJECT, a humanitarian program designed to eliminate world hunger by
             the year 7,000. The HUNGRY PROJECT is based on the brilliant insight
             that mass starvation is not caused by the greed of the rich but by fuzzy
             thinking among the poor. As a member of the HUNGRY PROJECT, all
             you have to do is sign a statement saying you’re opposed to hunger. That’s
             it! Elegantly simple! You get to take a strong moral stand and keep all your
             middle-class privileges.
                Worried that the “soft” half of your personality might be showing
             through? Then join the ZOMBIE WORKS! [The Muscle Works Gym]
             With our scientifically designed devices, you can make your body look

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