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ii       Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

            Fritscher “added journalistic realism to the magical thinking and mas-
            turbatory desires of Drummer readers. It was the original bible of leather
            culture.” —Lauren Murrow, “Jack Fritscher, Peter Berlin, Annie
            Sprinkle, and the Cockettes: The Pioneers of San Francisco’s Sexual
            Heyday,” San Francisco Magazine

            “Jack Fritscher is the prolific author who since the late Sixties has helped
            document the gay world and the changes it has undergone.”
            —Willie Walker, founder, GLBT Historical Society, San Francisco

            “Fritscher brings a loving ear, erotic eye, and lyric voice to American Gay
            Popular Culture, and is an archivist active in researching, recording and
            preserving the heritage of gay history.”
            —Ron Suresha, author, Bears on Bears

            “Fritscher is a key player...This is must reading for those who want to
            know more about their past and for those who simply want to relive the
            days when it was fun to be gay.”
            —David Van Leer, author, The Queening of America

            “In 1977 Jack Fritscher became editor-in-chief of Drummer and intro-
            duced into ‘mainstream’ gay media such artists as Tom of Finland,  Robert
            Mapplethorpe and David Hurles (Old Reliable), and showcased talents
            such as Robert Opel, Arthur Tress, Samuel Steward (Phil Andros), Larry
            Townsend, John Preston, Wakefield Poole, Rex, and A. Jay. Through
            Fritscher’s work with Drummer the gay-identity word homomasculinity was
            coined as well as redefining S&M as ‘Sensuality and Mutuality’ (1974).
            Documenting on page the dawn of the ‘Daddy’ and ‘Bear’ movements,
            Fritscher was the first writer and editor to feature ‘older men’ (Drummer
            24, September 1978) and ‘Mountain Men Bears’ (Drummer 119, July
            1988) in the gay press.”

            “Fritscher preserves the history, passions, troubles, and dreams of our
            departed brothers, and living elders, from back in the day of our very best
            as a Leather Tribe. Drummer magazine should be required study material
            at colleges worldwide because Drummer was our first loud voice when the
            whole world wanted to shut us up and shut us down.”
            —Papa Tony, Tribal Elder,

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