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382      Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

            just like a 1950s stereotype of the butch straight male. These wonderful
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            EXPERIENCE,” [“The Advocate Experience”], a marathon six-day encoun-
            ter-group bonanza sponsored by David Goodsteal, [David Goodstein] , the
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                                         * * * *


            I think the reason Evans’ eyewitness essay caught my eyewitness response
            was that during 1978, before I published him in the December issue, we
            were both, for all our differences, somewhat on the same satirical page.
            Earlier that year, I had written two Drummer satires of “life” on Castro
            Street and Folsom Street. One was based on the poem Desiderata and titled
            “Gay Deteriorata,” Drummer 21, March 1978, page 38. The second was
            “Castro Street Blues 1978,”Drummer 24, September 1978.

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