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Jack Fritscher              Chapter 15                       383

             Satyr Satire...

                             CASTRO STREET BLUES 1978:
                                or, Even Blue Boys Get the Cows

                            Years from now when you read this—
                             and you will read this—remember
                               The Way We Were (1978 Style)

             In SFO, gay guys talk about sex, gyms, and real estate. They worry about
             being hot, too hot, or not hot enough. They fly so often they call cities
             by airline baggage initials. They hate LAX “attitude.” They call the West
             Hollywood boys up for a visit: LAXlanders. They love NYC and want to
             fly to JFK for some Manhattan “energy.” They wish SFO weren’t quite such
             a laid-back fishing village.
                Yet gays have the same love affair as straights with SFO. Paradise is the
             place where when you go there, you get to be yourself. SFO has a grand tra-
             dition of tolerance for offbeat characters whose best creation is themselves.

             TRUCK SLUTS

             On SFO weekends, little Algonquin Clubs brunch at Mena’s Norse Cove
             across from the Castro Theater. They dish the macho boys in the Ford pick-
             ups jockeying down to the intersection of Sodom and Gomorrah at 18th and
             Castro. They watch the Harleys, Kawasakis, and Mo-Peds park side by side
             in front of Toad Hall. Vehicles are an extension of gay sexlife. You are what
             you drive. Bored by Castro? Cruise over to Polk. Revolted by Polk? Head
             down to Folsom. Tired of Folsom? Try Land’s End.


             Hot is as hot does in SFO. Scratch the word hot from gay chatter and stop the
             conversation. Hot is the ultimate review of anything. Roller skating Tuesday
             nights in South SFO once was hot. Currently, every Saturday midnight it’s
             hot to light candles on cue at the Strand’s ritual Rocky Horror Picture Show.
             Architectural Digest on an art-deco table is hot. So is the straight outlaw biker
             magazine Easy Riders. So is Disco. So is Crisco
                Only God Herself knows what next will be hot.

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