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384      Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

            TWINK CITY

            Gays in SFO prefer costumes to clothes. Twinkies live in the Castro. Twinkies
            are no older than 24 and no taller than 5 foot 6. They sport cropped black
            moustaches and short black hair often with a gratuitous long lock left at the
            nape of the neck. They have hairy little muscular bodies of death.
               Only a clone could figure the source of the breed.
               Twinkies wear too-small Lacoste alligator shirts and size 28-28 pressed
            jeans. They tuck red hankies meaninglessly in their rear pockets. They
            prefer thick-soled hiking boots to gain an inch or two in height. With no
            visible means of support they are whisked away like Dorothy and Toto in
            Corvettes to Diamond Heights, in Jaguars to Marin, and by PSA to Palm

            FOLSOM TUCKERS

            Leathermen hang out South of Market. Their bearded faces have the char-
            acter that comes from surviving one’s own roaring twenties. They admit to
            no more than “mid-thirties.” They corset themselves in tight leather, west-
            ern, or uniform gear. Unlike the Twinkies, Leathermen own several units
            of escalating real estate. By night they are rugged, because by day they are
            disciplined professionals who fill your teeth, bank your money, and draw up
            your last will and testament. A hanky in a right-hand leather pocket means
            the tucker is a catcher. In the left, at best he’ll negotiate who will pitch.
            Leathermen prefer cycles and Jeeps, but only as second vehicles. Leathermen
            look fine in the acid-red light of bars and baths on Folsom. At 2 AM in the
            back of a fluorescent MUNI bus, they look like mackerel.

            GYM TRICKS

            In SFO, no one who is anyone lives alone. Gays have roommates to handle
            press releases. Roommates blab to friends what hot tricks you were up to
            the night before. In LAX, chandeliers are for show. In SFO chandeliers are
            for swinging from. You can buy designer track lights at “Work Wonders”
            (which should be the name of a gym, but isn’t).
               Bodies are, after all, what this is all about.
               A guy gets in shape by pumping iron M-W-F at the Pump Room. Some
            work up a sweat at the Y with its game-set-and-match-making of dollies in
            Levi’s. More re-fined types pop their niacin, and get their cardiovascular
            flush riding their naughty Nautilus exercise machines sidesaddle. Steroids

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