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386      Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

            threw pennies at him as hard as they could. He retreated to play toreador
            with the traffic.
               Buses often drive picture-taking tourists through the Castro. Gay pho-
            tographers snap back through the bus windows at the Iowans dressed in
            their polyester Protestant Anita-wear. Cameras are the guns of our time.
            SFO supervisor Harvey Milk’s Castro Camera develops the film.

            STAR PHARMACY

            A man leans against the Star Pharmacy. He played a bit part in Close
            Encounters of the Third Kind. He saw ACT’s Travesties twice. He jots notes
            for the very, very wonderful screen comedy he is writing about a macho type
            who freaks out at 18th and Castro. Movie mad scenes fascinate gay men. In
            his script, his jock hero blocks traffic by locking himself inside his truck in
            the center of the intersection. He rubs Oil of Olay all over his face, scream-
            ing in three languages how moist he is. A crowd gathers on this very Castro
            spot where a baby was born on an 8 Market/Ferry bus, attended to by a
            dozen gay waiters. Restaurants again carry white towels to the intersection.
            The man jots more notes.
               The Star Pharmacy is closed on Sundays. Just when you need aspirin,
            where is the Star’s Jackie, the Sweetheart of the Castro? In SFO, gay refriger-
            ators carry gay staples in their gay freezers: ice cubes, brownies, and poppers.

            DOWN HERE ON A VISIT [Reference to Christopher Isherwood’s 1962
            novel Down There on a Visit]

            In SFO, believe it or not, some gays are native to the City. One third-genera-
            tion gay man centers himself against the gay immigrant madness. He shuns
            motorcycle christenings, tricycle races, bedraggled empresses, and full-moon
            bar promo parties. He owns no albums by Donna Summer. He meditates.
            He refuses to do to himself gay illnesses with [hepatitis] symptoms like an
            RCA Colortrak TV commercial: “My eyes are yellow, my urine’s brown, my
            shit is white.” In SFO, love is always chance-y. But better a positive visit to
            the clinic than never to have loved at all.

            OUTER SPACE

            “Maybe we gays are a religion,” he says. “More likely, the difference between
            straight and gay is simple. Straight people are the real earthlings. Gay people
            are just dropped down on this planet for a visit. That’s why we seem alien.

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