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             queens skilled at exclusion. Perhaps proof lies in the subtext of Goodstein’s
             editorial through analysis of some of his precisely felt sentences, quoted
             for analytic rebuttal below, wherein he codified internal evidence of anti-
             male bias in The Advocate. Was he abused by athletes in high school? Was
             “David Badstein,” as he was often pegged, stuck in a high-school panic as he
             struggled with the reality of the adult sportsman Dave Kopay?
                Goodstein flailed emotionally even as he was trying to manipulate
             Kopay’s butch image to his own ends in the civil war over gender-iden-
             tification in the new gay culture that he was trying desperately to control
             and commodify through his corporation. He knew the power of the press
             belongs to him who owns one. He intended to influence generations of
             queens to come.
                David—not Dave—Goodstein sang the following aria about Dave—
             not David—Kopay:

                ...Dave [Kopay] spent three days with us. He was an unsettling
                and disturbing presence. We concluded the discomfort we felt was
                healthful to our consciousness ...His effect on us was different from
                his effect on them [the professional sports establishment]—almost
                the opposite, in fact. His directness and delight in the virtues of
                “manliness” and athletics are as unusual [inside The Advocate bub-
                ble] to our jaded [sic] movement psyches as Matlovich’s defense
                of his presence in Vietnam. [Even as Goodstein inched forward
                around Kopay in LA, the Olympic athlete, Dr. Tom Waddell, in
                San Francisco ran ahead and invented the Gay Olympics aka Gay
                Games that would change the athletic image of homosexuality.] We
                had to learn to handle a [homomasculine] point of view different
                from the conventional gay movement wisdom [said the conven-
                tional publisher in a decade of riotous social change].
                    Once we got used to Dave’s restlessness, and our own [Were
                Dave and David both uneasy in the gender war?], we concluded that
                he personifies, in a slightly exaggerated [sic] way, the emerging gay
                mover and shaker. [Goodstein, always a cheerleader for the “exag-
                gerated ways” of drag and effeminacy, was wary of what he perceived
                as a competing “exaggerationist” male profile over at Drummer.] He
                is different from the people [Goodstein is self-referential] who here-
                tofore have moved gay liberation forward....
                    To many, the athlete is a turn-on [Drummer]; to others a turn-
                off [The Advocate]. I confess that I belong to the latter group [but,
                of course!]; I have always preferred admiring jocks from afar [rather

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