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408      Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

               than seducing them as at Drummer] to the smell of the gymnasium
               up close [which “smell” Drummer was selling monthly as a fetish of
               “jockstrap culture” evidenced in the “Gay Sports” issue of Drummer
               20, January 1978]. Jocks get what they want in our culture. [A jeal-
               ous fantasy?] They are the favored few in most American schools.
               We alleged intellectuals [Goodstein’s self identity] resent [note the
               angry word] the power of brawn [worshiped at Drummer]. Kopay
               brought back many painful memories of growing up. [Or of not
               growing up.]
                   ...He is used to taking what he wants. [Cue Blanche DuBois!
               “Oh, Mister Man!”]
                   Dave Kopay intends to change society’s perception of gay men.
               [This was also the mission of Drummer.] His own perceptions, I
               forecast, will not only unsettle the straight community [who dis-
               miss gay men as effeminate], but a great many gay people [wary of
               the rise of homomasculinity] as well....
                   Enjoy The Advocate!
               —D. B. Goodstein

               In a victory for Drummer, forty years after this 1976 feature, the pop
            culture world of kink finally overwhelmed The Advocate which surrendered
            its anti-leather tradition in its breathy feature, “30 Kinky Terms Every Gay
            Man Needs to Know.” Ignoring forty years of Drummer roots, boots, and
            brutes that helped create the 21st century of and Fifty Shades
            of Gray, The Advocate published thirty designer photos visualizing leather
            basics such as the hanky code, flogging, fisting, nipple torture, water sports,
            safe words, S&M, and CBT illustrated with a witty photo of an egg squeezed
            between the jaws of a machinist’s metal vise.

               If gay life was a giant ballroom (and it kind of is), kinky leather-
               men have been lingering [more like crusading] in the back, in the
               shadows, for generations. But thanks to the internet and porn giants
               like San Francisco-based, fetish play has stepped onto the
               main floor over the last decade....[This] will help you navigate Scruff
               profiles.... The Advocate, February 12, 2016


            Fred Halsted published his Slave Auction feature, “Slaves,” in the first issue
            of his magazine, Package (July 1976), and he editorialized further against

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