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Jack Fritscher              Chapter 16                       409

             The Advocate in Package 2. On his masthead, Halsted listed Drummer con-
             tributor, Bob Opel, as photographer, and, as his production manager, JimEd
             Thompson, who in 1988 died in the saddle while he was the associate editor
             of Drummer. In a valedictory, as a famous leatherman in a famous leather
             couple, Thompson (1946-1988), with his lover, porn star Chris Burns (1958-
             1995), appeared in a two-shot on the cover of Drummer 120 (August 1988)
             which published JimEd Thompson’s obituary.
                In the zero degrees of very cool Drummer contributors who did not
             outlive Drummer, I had met and played with JimEd Thompson in LA in
             1971 when he began publishing his bondage magazine, Action Male. His
             later lover, Chris Burns, who was one of my Palm Drive models, was a sweet
             and athletic madman hustler. In fact, the short blond Scottish-American
             pornstar, Burns, was often confused with another player in the salon around
             Drummer, the short blond Irish-American pornstar, Scott O’Hara (1961-
             1998), who singlehandedly and very foolishly “squealed” and alerted cops
             nationwide with his accurately detailed list of the addresses of America’s
             cruisiest truck stops and toilets in his magazine, Steam. That’s another story
             confirming the idiocy of two very indiscreet publishers who got their readers
             arrested: “Embry and O’Hara, Who Adored Each Other, Together Again!”
                I was connected to Steam insofar as Drummer salonista Scott O’Hara
             bought one-time rights to several of my photographs of Donnie Russo to
             print on the cover of the rate cards O’Hara mailed to advertisers. Blonder
             than an Easter Peep, the twinkie-punk O’Hara’s claim to fame was his
             penis which had won a gay-bar award as the biggest in San Francisco. As a
             demanding bottom, he had been photographed for both print and videos
             at Drummer, and a photograph of him by Mark I. Chester appeared in
             Drummer 137, page 18. The last time O’Hara and I chatted was by chance
             when we were suddenly thrown together shuffling along in the crowd head-
             ing into Marines Memorial Auditorium to hear Gore Vidal speak in conver-
             sation about his new book Palimpsest in 1995.
                With the blond pornstars Burns and O’Hara, a certain twinkie freak-
             show circled Drummer which preferred hard leather boys to creamy twinks.
             Chris Burns had a voracious butthole famous for hoovering up what wasn’t
             nailed down. Scott O’Hara was a one-trick pony famous for sucking himself
             off. In 1987, David Hurles, reconnecting to the Drummer mystique where
             I had launched his career as Old Reliable Studio in Drummer 21 (March
             1978), hired Chris Burns for a shoot. From my archives, I noted that on
             November 2, 1987, David Hurles wrote about Burns in his Unpublished and
             Confidential Journal of Old Reliable Hustler Videos which he typed on blue
             paper and bound with a red plastic comb:

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