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410      Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

               Burn is the correct word. I don’t know why I ever wanted him, with
               the baggage he had to carry, enveloper of fire-hydrants and small
               vehicles, lover dead of you know what! But I not only paid him
               about $250 PLUS air fare, but he partied the night before, gave me
               the bum’s rush to get done, was hung-over, did not follow direc-
               tions, had no personality, did not get a good erection...and no one
               bought his pix. Older than God.

               A month later on December 5, 1987, I wanted to see if I could fire up
            in the black-belt karate instructor, Burns, the burn that had eluded Hurles.
            I shot him on location in his San Francisco karate studio at 317 10th Street,
            next door to Stompers Boots, for the Palm Drive video, Karate Kock Warrior.
            Looking through my viewfinder, I saw what Erich von Stroheim saw in
            Norma Desmond descending the staircase in Sunset Boulevard: the proto-
            plasm of a living ghost. He was a sweet man, but his sex appeal had died.
            His videos for both Old Reliable and Palm Drive sold, literally, zero copies.
            He had starred in over a hundred videos, and his career was dead of overex-
            posure. In 1994, the power bottom Chris Burns, made mystical as a martyr
            by illness and drugs, begged me in a recorded conversation to videotape the
            elaborate S&M suicide he fantasized for himself as his Götterdämmerung
            way to seize control of his death.
               I declined.

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