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                                    CHAPTER 17

                              WHEN QUEERS COLLIDE
                           HOW GAY CIVIL WARS KILLED
                             OUR STONEWALL MOMENT

                •  Leather Historians: Critical Thinking and Fact-Checking
                    Drummer, the First Draft of Leather History
                •  Independent Authors and Corporate Gay Publishers
                •  Wild Tim Barrus: From Editor of Drummer Magazine to
                    Author at Esquire Magazine
                •  MGM Star Ann Miller, Publisher Elizabeth Gershman,
                    and the Kennedy Family
                •  Edmund White and Larry Kramer Thrown Out of the
                    Key West Writers Conference
                •  Embry Shames Jeanne Barney, the Founding Los Angeles
                    Editor-in-Chief of Drummer
                •  Mach Magazine: Mach Is Short for Machiavelli

             Suddenly in the 1970s we were in the brave new world of corporate gay
             publishing. That peculiar kind of indentured servitude is not why young
             authors get into writing, but the age-old business model was there, a kind
             of necessary evil, constricting the free spirit of being gay, and exploiting the
             passion of writers burning to be published.
                Immediately after Stonewall, gay liberation became a commodity
             coopted and commercialized by corporate businesses intent on selling our
             voices, our art, and our identity as product from Drummer and The Advocate
             to the startup in the mid-1980s of gay book publishers who were no more
             saintly than straight publishers.
                A gay book publisher is a member of the 1% who buys the work of
             authors who are the 99% to whom he or she pays only 7-10% of the cover
             price. A gay magazine publisher, buying rights, pays far less than any mini-
             mum wage.
                All writers from Joe Anonymous to Edmund White to Larry Townsend,
             and publishers from Winston Leyland to Sasha Alyson to David Goodstein

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