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426      Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

               People ask me what my favorite short story is—one that I wrote;
               published in what else? Drummer. It’s called “A Measure of Waste.”...
               Pornography has become [1992] very demure. Almost ladylike....I
               hear gay men talk about bonding constantly. Blah, blah, blah—
               words. Bullshit in the wind...the more you talk about it the less it
               happens. Pornography used to be a way I could create alternative
               realities versus the realities that are imposed upon us....
                   In the beginning [late 1970s], Drummer had an edge. A real
               serious bite. It was about ideas and those ideas had to do with sex-
               ual images that had not really been put out there before. [Editor’s
               note: Fritscher’s “Cigar Blues” in  Drummer  22, May 1978, was
               the first erotic article on cigars in the gay press and it was that
               feature that popularized the now evergreen homomasculine cigar
               style for daddies, musclemen, and bears.] Drummer wasn’t slick.
               And no one else was doing what those folks were doing. It was
               extremely creative. It was magic. [Editor’s note: During this period
               when Barrus wrote the word Fritscher, Embry with his Blacklist,
               creating synonyms, replacing Fritscher with folks, would most often
               quite obviously edit out Fritscher’s name from Manifest Reader and
               his other magazines.] Some people [Fritscher, Shapiro, Sparrow,
               Mapplethorpe] got burned in the process because it was a process
               of fire and brimstone. But Drummer had an identity. Today it’s fat.
               It’s old. [Two swipes at the weight and age of both past publisher
               Embry (age 66) and then current publisher DeBlase (age 50).] It
               has become a how-to manual [a change brought about by DeBlase
               because of politically correct demands for safe sex even in the art of
               fantasy BDSM fiction] and does not reach down into the imagina-
               tion—the brain—which is an organ...that is bigger than your dick.
               Drummer should mess with your imagination. It used to. I used to
               jerk off and have normal, heterosexual, everyday fantasies [Barrus
               identified as straight] and then something from fucking, goddam
               Drummer would creep up on me and my dick and invade the whole
               orgasmic process. Which is why I loved Drummer.
                   The old [1970s] Drummer was not safe. Drummer was not sane.
               And sometimes Drummer was not about consensuality. It was not
               about how to tie a knot around someone’s balls. It was about the
               tension and the sweat and the relationship that existed between the
               knot and the knotted and the balls and the room and the smell and
               the richness and the humanity and the absolute, far-reaching joy
               to be found in absolute, far-reaching submission and the absolute,

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