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428      Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

                           Embry Blacklists Jeanne Barney in Print
                                 Drummer 30 (June 1979)

               Affecting the legalese patois written by people who are not lawyers,
               Embry revealed his snide LA attitude, sexism, heterophobia, jeal-
               ousy, and revisionism about the woman who was his valued Los
               Angeles editor-in-chief who stood together with him founding and
               filling the first eleven issues of Drummer (1975-1976) until she quit
               because of the growing notoriety of Embry’s business practices and
               his failure to pay her salary. His libelous sarcasm turned his hero-
               ine “Jeanne” into his villain “Mrs. Barney.” At Embry’s Drummer, no
               worker was safe from the Blacklist.

                                         * * * *

                   NOTICE! Mrs. Jeanne Chelsey Barney, aka “Barney” and “J.
               Barney” is representing herself as the  owner  of the  LEATHER
               FRATERNITY [started by Embry] and is operating out of a mail box
               drop in La Crescenta, California. She has solicited memberships in
               this “Fraternity,” promising subscriptions to DRUMMER magazine
               as part of its benefits. Later, after being cut off by DRUMMER and
               two of its distributors for nonpayment, she is substituting a mul-
               tilithed  “Newsletter,”  promised monthly and  containing offers of
               merchandise in the “FRATERNITY’s” name, membership pitches
               and solicitation of contributions as well as scurrilous attacks on
               ALTERNATE PUBLISHING [the actual name of Embry’s business run-
               ning Drummer] and its people.
                   Notice is hereby given that THE LEATHER FRATERNITY is a fully
               protected name since 1973 and has no connection whatever with
               Mrs. Barney’s effort. THE LEATHER FRATERNITY does not sell mer-
               chandise, nor does it accept nor solicit donations. It does not publish
               names of members as Mrs. Barney has unfortunately done.
                   Mrs. Barney is offering remnants of her unpaid-for DRUMMER
               inventory at inflated prices and offering subscriptions to DRUMMER at
               $3.50 per issue. DRUMMER has no subscription agents and cannot
               honor any such obligation. Up until December 31, 1978, DRUMMER
               made good the FRATERNITY membership subscriptions that had
               been sold in DRUMMER’s name via Mrs. Barney. Henceforth any mon-
               ies sent to Mrs. Barney cannot be the responsibility of ALTERNATE
               PUBLISHING. We would appreciate being notified of any checks to
               DRUMMER or ALTERNATE PUBLISHING endorsed and negotiated by
               anyone other than this company. —Drummer 30, June 1979, page 38.

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