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Jack Fritscher              Chapter 17                       429

                Tim Barrus, the author of the books, Mineshaft, Genocide, and The Boy
             and the Dog Are Sleeping, wrote to Embry in 1994:

                ...What,  moi  engage in sarcasm?...It’s too bad we [Embry and
                Barrus] never connected....Together we could have given the pub-
                lishing status quo a run for its money. But no. Such heresy gives
                you, the gay bitch queen, hives. We could have done some truly
                innovative things together....At least when you created Drummer
                you were hands on with it (some of it had to have been created on
                your kitchen table)....I wonder how someone in your position could
                have gone through the outstanding minds and the talents you have
                known (and used) without really knowing the people (and the tal-
                ents) that were necessary to support the many projects you have
                created. Names like John Preston, T. R. Witomski..., Steven Saylor,
                even Rowberry (you never really knew Rowberry or you would
                have exploited him far more effectively than you did). Sometimes I
                wonder if you even once...had an inkling as to the talent...assembled....
                I would note...over the years how you were surrounding yourself with
                more and more really meager talents. You seemed far more comfortable
                with this than the times when you found yourself surrounded (besieged?)
                by powerhouses.... [Italics added] For a long time you were cutting
                edge. But now you are content to be history....Which leads me to
                think that your association with rebels in all of this was an accident
                and not something you consciously set out to put together....While
                the more itchy talents (such as Fritscher) went their own (often odd)
                way, it might amuse you to know that Robert Mapplethorpe and I
                (while in the middle of our torrid New York affair) [Mapplethorpe
                never mentioned to me any affair with Barrus, but then Robert kept
                all his friends separate —JF] used to discuss you for hours and won-
                der, really what the hell you were like....You were everything from
                Machiavelli to Maria Callas....I would suggest that you stick to
                selling real estate [that phrase, real estate, crops up in the testimony
                of several eyewitnesses who knew that Drummer profits financed
                Embry’s property empire] and get out of gay publishing.

                Embry, equally sarcastic, responded in the same  Manifest Reader
             (October 1994, pages 5 and 15):

                Mr. Barrus desperately wants to be disliked, that is his shtick. We
                find him amusing, even likeable, if annoying, sometimes. However,

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