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Jack Fritscher              Chapter 18                       433

                                    CHAPTER 18

                                 VENOM NEVER DIES
                                 The Drummer Blacklist

                                    Summary Evidence
                              Suitable for a Cross Examination

                •  Unknown to GLBT Readers, Wicked Grudges Poison
                    the Well of Gay Culture with Publishers of Books,
                    Magazines, Newspapers, Archives, and Websites
                •  Feuding, Fussing, and Fighting: Robert Mapplethorpe,
                    Larry Townsend, John Rowberry, John Preston, Mr.
                    Benson, Frank Hatfield, Rick Leathers, Jim French, Colt
                •  Embry vs. the LAPD, David Goodstein, The Advocate,
                    LA Publishing Peers, Other Gay Magazines, His Own
                    Talent Pool of Writers and Artists, as Well as Drummer
                    Publisher #2, Anthony F. DeBlase, and Drummer
                    Publisher #3, Martijn Bakker
                •  Embry’s Final Grudge: Against Drummer Itself

                 “Don’t throw your past away. You might need it some rainy day.”
                               —Peter Allen, The Boy from Oz

             In the twentieth century, few people took time to take notes on the gay
             past while it was the speeding present they paid scant attention to from the
             1960s to 1999. Recalling that Rashomon past which I chronicled beginning
             in my mid-century journals, I am no innocent naif amazed at the politics,
             skullduggery, and dirty laundry in gay publishing, literature, or any other
             gay or straight pecking group. I am an academically trained arts and popular
             culture analyst who, having climbed up from my father’s traveling-salesman
             household, has had several careers inside groups way more dynamic, power-
             ful, and byzantine than gay publishing.
                Starting out at seventeen as an editorial assistant in the snake pit of the
             Catholic press, I survived religion (eleven years in the Catholic Seminary),

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