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Jack Fritscher              Chapter 18                       475

             gave the first and only glimmer that in his heart of hearts he knew he
             himself had set off Chief Ed Davis and brought the LAPD down on his
             own head. He was already diverting the accusation that followed him all
             the years since.
                Embry alone nearly destroyed Drummer on Saturday night, April 10,
                Deep down, was this man, who never admitted to shame, covering his
             guilt through the subterfuge of attacking Blueboy?
                Less deep down, he was competing in a marketing turf war with Blueboy
             by trying to destroy Embinder’s reputation.
                That was the bully Embry’s core technique for his Blacklist: To destroy
             the reputation of anyone who resisted him.
                It is gut-busting hilarious to read Embry’s Drummer 9 editorial des-
             perately ridiculing  Blueboy, founded in 1974, a year before issue one of
             Drummer, for venturing

                ...into an area it was completely unqualified for...the result is
                disastrous. Four pages of a suicide in a bathtub, with the blood
                going down the drain. A simulated (we assume) corpse may be
                somebody’s idea of S&M [said Embry, the indignant publisher of
                the “Fetish: Necrophilia” feature in Drummer 4 and the “White
                Death” snuff poem in Drummer 5], but it isn’t ours. There are glit-
                tering razor blades slicing nipples [raged the publisher who soon
                after printed Mapplethorpe’s photo of a cut-and-bloodied cock
                and balls tied to a bondage board in Son of Drummer]....There are
                interesting shots of somebody’s dungeon entitled “Black Room”
                [said the publisher who printed photos of his own Drummer dun-
                geon and Fritscher photos of the Catacombs].... The feature article
                on “S&M 1976” is written by a woman who starts off admit-
                ting she knew nothing about the subject [complained the sen-
                sitive publisher whose founding Los Angeles editor-in-chief was
                the woman Jeanne Barney]....We have no intention of starting a
                rhubarb with Blueboy [said the publisher who owned a rhubarb
                patch].... A campy bomb like this [said the publisher famous for
                pasting camp cartoon balloons on serious S&M photographs]....
                May we respectfully [said the man who disrespected the writers,
                artists, and photographers who suggested topics to him] suggest
                topics to Blueboy other than this one. Drummer promises to steer
                clear of seascapes, travelogues, fashion shows [said the founding
                Barnum of the Mr. Drummer Contest] and the avant garde [said

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