Page 5 - Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999
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Jack Fritscher               Chapter                          iii

             “Jack Fritscher is the firebrand writer who made the 1970s leather scene
             happen in a big way. His Drummer Salon introduced many artists and
             photographers like Tom of Finland and Robert Mapplethorpe into our
             Fey-Way Gallery stable. As leatherman and academic, Fritscher writes
             definitively about gay pop culture like no one else can. His books are
             always a revelation!”
             —Camille O’Grady, author, multi-media artist, partner, Robert Opel’s
             Fey-Way Gallery

             “Jack Fritscher took a dreary newsprint bar guide called Drummer and
             transformed it into a major publication that revolutionized gay publish-
             ing to become the international gay magazine to be reckoned with—the
             one all the others imitated but could never match.. As editor, Fritscher
             single-handedly discovered and promoted with great passion, an amazing
             string of artists, writers, performers, filmmakers and photographers who
             went on to become Porn Royalty in gay culture—legends whose names
             still resonate with the public thirty years later.  His unstinting faith in
             these fledgling talents by showcasing them in Drummer was an integral
             part of their success.  In an era of dumbed-down, politically correct gay
             rags passing themselves off as magazines today, their editors would be well
             advised to study Fritscher’s memoir and discover just what it really means
             to ‘march to a different drummer’ in publishing.”
             —The Artist REX, Rexwerk

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