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Jack Fritscher              Chapter 18                       483

                press, surprisingly numerous but false reports [including Embry’s]
                of Drummer’s passing. Our favorite European hard sex magazine
                [title not mentioned] (which, sadly, has not shown up since June)
                editorialized earlier this year over “the late Drummer,” and the cur-
                rent issue [of Super MR] from a well-known American publisher [the
                unnamed John Embry] who moons wistfully over the Drummer
                years as if it were past and shows up only in old copies of former
                issues. Gentlemen, it is not so.
                    Anyone who actually believes that Drummer is dead, is sim-
                ply not paying attention to what we are doing. In the year 2000,
                Drummer looked seriously at where it had been and has started with
                exciting boldness in a new direction, but with a familiar purpose—
                to deliver the timeless message of Drummer, using different and
                contemporary ways of delivering that message.
                    Drummer Online brings Drummer magazine to the internet
                and, thus, to a wider community of leathermen than ever before.
                In addition, Drummer has just put on the most smashingly success-
                ful International Mr. Drummer and Drummerboy Contest ever.
                Professionally produced this year by Mike Zuhl and Drummer
                Contests International, Inc., this too, is the new sound of Drummer,
                with a familiar ring to it—hot men, hot leather, hot sex, with com-
                pletely fresh energy. The Contest brought us sixteen of the hottest
                new Mr. Drummer and Drummerboy titleholders you could want
                to see. And you will see them in the coming months.
                    Drummer is now, as it always has been, necessary to leathermen
                and to the life of the leather community, wherever that community
                happens to be.

                Jake Staley, Editor
                [Drummer Online]

                Embry responded to Jake Staley in his signature Embry über alles
                fashion by writing his own “Letter to the Editor” in his own maga-
                zine. He hid his authorship by signing it with the name of “Robert
                Davolt” who had been the nominal last editor of Drummer when
                it closed in 1999.

                Editor: We are paying very careful attention. It is Drummer that
                lately seems always to be looking the other direction while the world
                passes it by.

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