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                                    CHAPTER 19

                                 VIRTUAL DRUMMER

               How Drummer Influenced Other Magazines and Publishers

                •  Some Virtual Drummer Magazines: Man2Man
                    Quarterly, California Action Guide (San Francisco),
                    Patrick Califia’s Newsleather, Tony DeBlase’s
                    DungeonMaster, Harold Cox’s Checkmate
                •  Drumb and Drumber: Fritscher’s Satiric, Special “Mad
                    Magazine” Issue of Drummer (Issue 138)
                •  Desperate DeBlase Dumps Drummer on Dutchman and

             Among such company as the best Drummer owners, Dr. DeBlase and Dr.
             Charles, did I ever really care that this Dr. Fritscher was on that Mr. Embry’s
             Famous Little Blacklist? Did Hester Prynne not love her Pearl the way I
             loved Drummer, and did she not turn the vicious shame of her Scarlet Letter,
             Embry’s Blacklist, into a red badge of courage and honor?
                Anyone who worked with John Embry quickly learned to demand pay-
             ment for their work and to defend their copyrights and reputations. Knowing
             I needed an exit strategy even before I finished editing Drummer 30, the
             same Anniversary Issue in which Embry cruelly trashed Jeanne Barney, I
             slipped into the pages of Drummer my own “declaration of independence.”
             I’d had enough of office politics and delayed pay days, but not enough of
             the Drummer material I loved, and which I wanted to raise to a more far-out
             “edginess” without being ripped off financially, and without being abused
             in that gay sort of way that has no verbal definition.
                Planning to publish an alternative Drummer, a “Virtual Drummer,” I
             wrote my declaration in Drummer 30, page 18:

                MAN2MAN QUARTERLY. Tits, Pits, Fists, Hard2Find Fetish
                Trips. Your sensual ad free with 1 yr. Sub. $5 check. MAN2MAN
                QUARTERLY, 115 Haight, Suite 2, San Francisco 94102. Must
                state over 21.

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