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486      Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

               Man2Man’s Haight Street address was the apartment of my longtime
            ally from the 1970s, Old Reliable David Hurles, who also divorced himself
            from Drummer and contributed dozens of photographs for covers and center-
            folds in Man2Man. Many of those shots were so erotic, esthetic, and popular
            upon their first publication in Man2Man that the artist Rex reprinted many
            of them in his photo book, Speeding:The Old Reliable Photography of David
            Hurles (2005). In fact, Rex’s cover for Speeding was the same photograph I
            had published twenty-four years earlier on the back cover of Man2Man 6,
            the first Man2Man Anniversary Issue, 1981.
               In the comparative timelines of Origin Stories, in 1977, Al Shapiro
            and I shut Drummer down for a four-month hiatus to create San Francisco
            Drummer out of LA Drummer. In 1979-1980, while I was editing Drummer,
            it took Mark Hemry and me four months to create Man2Man Quarterly.
            The phrase man-to-man was never used by Embry in Drummer until after
            Man2Man debuted.
               The first issue of  Man2Man, with blond bodybuilding champion
            Jim Enger on the cover, hit the bookstores, was a mail-order hit, and was
            denounced, and imitated, by a pissed-off Embry who almost immedi-
            ately added this tag line to his “Leather Fraternity”: “More Man-to-Man
            Personals Than Any Other Magazine.” In fact, in the June immediately
            after the January 1980 debut of the first promotional copy of Man2Man,
            Embry published his own first “Drummer Super Publication,” the “Virtual
            Drummer,” Malebox, for the 1980 International Mr. Leather (IML) Contest
            in Chicago. Because I put my lover, Jim Enger, on the premiere cover of
            Man2Man, Embry—in some kind of very personal slap-down feud—put
            Colt model Clint Lockner, Enger’s former lover and my good friend, on the
            cover of Malebox which trumpeted across Lockner’s thighs: “More Man-To-
            Man Malebox Personal Classifieds Than Ever Before!” As sampled in later
            Drummer, such as Drummer 60, Embry continued to hawk his classifieds as
            “Drumbeats: Hot Man-to-Man Contact for a Cool 35¢ a Word!”
               When I exited Drummer, Embry did not ask, nor did I offer to sign a
            non-competition agreement; and there was little I could do to stop him from
            reheating my ideas, or from repeating my themes in his 1980s Drummer
            that I had originated in my 1970s Drummer, most especially “cigars” and
            “daddies” which both, so inviting once reported on, turned into lifestyle
            fetishes on their own strength.
               Years later, he was still cracking on about Man2Man in his letter to
            Drummer 108, because Man2Man’s code of ethics was quite the gentle-
            manly opposite of Embry’s infamous “Robert Rip-off” character. When
            publisher Mark Hemry and I closed down  Man2Man  due to the new

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