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44       Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

            underwear, rubber, bears, mud, and tit torture. To me, the announcement of
            upcoming themes was a pro-active way to encourage writers and artists with
            enough lead time to submit materials on the themes. To make the point, I
            showed DeBlase a portion of my Palm Drive Video photographic portfolio
            and its themes. On March 1, 1988, DeBlase wrote me a letter confirming
            our plan:

               Dear Jack,
                   Life as usual is amazingly hectic.... With your proposals in
               mind [i.e.: my theme thumbnails and thematic photos which I left
               in his hands to cue his issues], upcoming fetish features are:
                   Issue 116, Underwear: Your shot of Curtis James in his long-
               johns is great. Do you have more of these that we could use along
               with a review of this tape? [The video was Redneck Cowboy in Black
               Leather, and he published three of my underwear fetish photos on
               pages 48 and 98.]
                   Issue 117, Daddies: I plan to use your Dave Gold’s Gym Workout
               [still photographs taken during the video shoot] here; do you have
               others that you’d like included? [DeBlase published two of Dave
               Gold, page 45.]
                   Issue 118, Rubber: A natural for your new Keith Ardent video
               [Pec Stud in Black Rubber, during which I shot two hundred photos,
               including a special Drummer cover and a photo spread of eleven
               centerfold pictures (pages 2, 3, 11-18, 32), as well as authoring the
               cover feature article “Rubberotica”].
                   Issue 119, Bears and Mountain Men: Curtis James again, as
               well as many of your models. You pick the ...[models] you’d like
               emphasized here. [DeBlase printed twenty-one of my photographs
               of straight mountain men and gay bears and published my lead cover
               feature article, “Bears! How to Hunt Buckskin Mountain Men.”]
                   Issue 120, Mud, Oil, Grease, and Grunge: Naturally, your Mud
               Pillow Fight video and photographs will be featured. Anything else
               you have that is appropriate? [I provided three interior photographs
               of “mud” for “Sodbuster,” Drummer 148, page 61.]
                   Issue 121, Tits: Again a natural for your Tit Torture Blues tape.
               [DeBlase printed one of my photographs of Jason Steele.]
                   Any more recommendations for upcoming fetish features?

               At DeBlase’s request, I suggested “solo sex and video” as the theme for
            Drummer 123 and wrote the lead feature, “Solo Sex: Who’s Who in J/O

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