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Jack Fritscher              Chapter 1                         45

             Video,” to accompany my twenty-two photographs (pages 34-36, 38-41). I
             offered “bodybuilding” for Drummer 124 and wrote the lead feature with
             DeBlase selecting an excerpt from Some Dance to Remember: A Memoir-
             Novel of San Francisco 1970-1982, plus five of my photos (pages 16-17,
             35). Following up in 1989, because my former lover Robert Mapplethorpe,
             whom I had featured in Drummer 24 and Son of Drummer, had recently
             died, I nominated Mapplethorpe as the hook for Drummer 133 and wrote
             the lead feature article, “Pentimento for Robert Mapplethorpe: Fetishes,
             Faces, and Flowers of Evil.” Additionally, because “safe sex” was the new
             buzz word, I tendered “nostalgia for the way we were in the Titanic 1970s”
             as the theme for Drummer 139 with my lead feature article, “Remembrance
             of Sleaze Past.”

                Editor’s note:

                See DeBlase’s editorial credit for themes created by Fritscher in Drummer
                139, p. 35: “So, inspired by Jack Fritscher’s theme, we decided to do a
                photo shoot with a hot leatherman nibbling on...cake...” which referenced
                both Proust’s cookie and the title of the “Remembrance” feature arti-
                cle. See also Tim Barrus’ posting of this re-instituted “theme approach”
                as a way to solicit and build issues out of the grass roots readership in
                Drummer 120, page 19.)

             DeBlase continued:

                    Do you mind having your name mentioned in conjunction
                with your Palm Drive Video company? I was going to name you in
                the review I did of your Gut Punchers [Drummer 115], but since you
                didn’t include your name in your own literature [because I was keep-
                ing my literary identity separate from my photographic identity], I
                didn’t do it. What is your feeling on the subject? I think Drummer
                readers will take your name as a badge of quality and be more
                likely to purchase from a company they haven’t dealt with before—
                if they knew of your association. [A couple weeks later, on Saint
                Patrick’s Day, March 17, over lunch at Original Joe’s, DeBlase said,
                “Let me give you this business advice. Your name is a brand name.
                People are still learning the name of Palm Drive Video. You should
                start calling it ‘Jack Fritscher’s Palm Drive Video.’” [And so, on
                DeBlase’s marketing recommendation, the name was changed, and

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