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46       Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

               thousands of Palm Drive videos were sold by DeBlase at Drummer,
               by Beardog Hoffman at Bear magazine’s Brush Creek Media, and
               by John Embry’s Wings and Alternate distributing through Super
               MR mail-order.]
               Tony DeBlase

               In September, 1992, when Martijn Bakker, residing in Amsterdam,
            purchased  Drummer, he globalized the name of the uniquely American
            Drummer into International Drummer. Not understanding American gay
            pop culture and  Drummer’s place within the psychology of leatherfolk,
            Bakker destroyed its homomasculine American mythology, and foolishly
            replaced its “personal contents” with “corporate contents” interchangeable
            with other newer glossy mags in cahoots with video companies pushing
            their corporate photographs as soulless centerfolds. Even as Bakker intended
            to produce an online version of Drummer, the site never functionally hap-
            pened. He closed Drummer forever. He added high-profile insult to injury
            when he worsened the indignity by shuttering Drummer during the highest
            American Leather Festival of the year, Folsom Fair weekend, September 30,
               San Francisco leather-heritage historian, Mister Marcus wrote in his
            online column, “Leather Bazaar,” May 26, 2005, at www.mamasfamily.
            org/MisterMarcus: “Martijn Bakker, the Dutchman...was the sole killer of
            Drummer and all it stood for.” However, Bakker was hardly the sole “killer”;
            he had competition from villainous accomplices, including John Embry
            and Robert Davolt, the last editor of Drummer, who both reviled Bakker
            publicly. Did Bakker hate Embry and Davolt? Whereas Embry and DeBlase
            fought privately, this threesome fought publicly in a passionate blood feud
            that broke out into print. Bakker relished that he had scored internationally
            when he purchased Drummer which was the Holy Grail Embry had sold to
            DeBlase in the biggest mistake of both their publishing lives. Bakker, in a
            neck-snapping duel, fought back, for instance, in a Press Release announc-
            ing that the new Dutch International Drummer was in fine shape for the
            year 2000, and that

               a well-known American publisher [Embry] moons wistfully over
               the Drummer era as if it were past and shows up only in old copies of
               former issues. Gentlemen, it is not so. Anyone who actually believes
               Drummer is dead, is simply not paying attention.”

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