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Jack Fritscher              Chapter 2                         55

                                     CHAPTER 2

                                     DIRTY ISSUES:
                             Some Drummer Covers Selected
                           by Artist, Photographer, and Model

                •  The Drummer Salon in the Titanic 1970s: The Power of
                    the Drummer Editorial Desk, Sam Steward, Jim Kane,
                    Robert Opel, Al Shapiro, and an Iconic Dinner Party
                    Hosting Tom of Finland
                •  Shooting Drummer Covers: Robert Mapplethorpe, Lou
                    Thomas, Robert Opel, David Sparrow, and Jack Fritscher
                •  Why Tom of Finland Never Appeared on the Cover of
                    Drummer While Embry Owned It
                •  Gay Marriage, Leather-Style: 1976
                •  Gay Face Uncloseted: “Tough Customers” and “Tough

                         “The past is never where you think you left it.”
                     —Original Cockette Rumi Missabu (James Bartlett), 2014

                Editor’s Note:
                    Jack Fritscher was the only Drummer editor to shoot Drummer cov-
                ers: eight in total. As a photographer, he was also the only Drummer edi-
                tor to shoot photographs for the interior and centerfold of the magazine,
                beginning with Drummer 21 (March 1978) through Drummer 204 (June

             Drummer covers, at least some of them, provide handy hooks in the time-
             lining of Drummer history. Drawings graced the covers of many of the first
             issues because well into the Titanic 1970s gays remained as afraid of cameras
             as they had been before gay liberation when cops used cameras as power-
             tools to gather facial recognition for legal prosecution. As a result, there are
             not many early cover photos displaying the faces of the first-class party-
             people who innocently cruised on at full speed not knowing that ahead lay

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