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Jack Fritscher              Chapter 2                         57

                The survey of the following select Drummer covers shows how face and
             bodies and drawings and photographs evolved in early Drummer into the
             “theme covers” shot by Fred Halsted, Robert Opel, Sparrow and Fritscher,
             and in one instance, Mapplethorpe.

             Drummer 1 Cover: drawing by Bud; drawing also used as symbol of Embry’s
             “Leather Fraternity” mail-order club.

             Drummer 2 Cover: publicity photo by Fred Halsted from his film, Sextool;
             no faces showing; however, the face and torso of Val Martin, the star of
             Sextool, are featured on the back cover.

             Drummer 3 Cover: uncredited publicity photo from the film, Born to Raise
             Hell (1974); with his face showing, this is the first Drummer front cover for
             Val Martin who became a star in Born to Raise Hell; Martin appeared on
             the front covers of Drummer 3, 8, 30, and 60.

             Drummer 4 Cover: photo by Robert Opel of model’s face obscured into a
             “virtual drawing” referencing a leatherman on acid.

             Drummer 5 Cover: drawing by Chuck Arnett, the man who introduced the
             needle into Folsom Street sex, profiled in a feature article by Robert Opel and
             produced by Jack Fritscher, “Lautrec in Leather,”Drummer 4, January 1976;
             also in “Chuck Arnett: His Life, Our Times,” by Jack Fritscher, Drummer
             134, October 1989, reprinted in Mark Thompson’s anthology Leatherfolk:
             Radical Sex, People, Politics, and Practice.

             Drummer 6 Cover: drawing by British artist, Bill Ward, who, from his oeu-
             vre as large as Tom of Finland’s, contributed his serial-cartoon strip, Drum,
             as well as other erotic heroes, to so many dozens of issues he became the
             artist with the most pages published in Drummer.

             Drummer 7 Cover: documentary photo by Robert Opel of faces, partially
             obscured, of two grooms kissing at a gay wedding—leather style in Los
             Angeles. The Philadelphia magazine, Drum, profiled a “Gay Marriage in
             Rotterdam” on the cover of Drum #26, September 1967; Queens Quarterly
             Magazine, Volume 2 #4, Fall 1970, also featured “Gay Marriage.”
                Before I made David Sparrow my Drummer photographer in 1977, he
             and I were married on the roof of 2 Charlton Street, New York, on David’s
             birthday, May 7, 1972, to mark the third year of our ten-year domestic

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