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66       Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

            and females because they were easy tenants to counsel and control; he also
            rented a flat to Society of Janus founder Cynthia Slater who was also a
            famous “pain” bottom. When elderly, Jim Kane and Ike Barnes also bought
            a second home in Sebastopol, on Blank Road, one mile from my home and
            ten miles from John Embry, where, selling Christmas trees six weeks each
            year at the nearby Sorenson Farm, they both died, but not before a smirking
            Kane told me to “hang on to your Mapplethorpe pictures because someday
            they might be worth something.”
               Gene Weber, who shot Kane and Barnes with me (top page 17) for
            “Dungeons” (Drummer 17, July 1977), documented deep inside the secret
            truths of San Francisco S&M. Even as we balled frequently, I kept him artis-
            tically involved with Drummer and he lensed me in the underwater fisting
            shots of my “Gay Sports” feature in Drummer 20 (January 1978), as well
            as with my longtime playmate and “co-star” bottom, the redheaded Russell
            Van Leer, in  Blood Crucifixion. That was one of Gene Weber’s famous
            mixed-media 35mm S&M extravaganzas which he frequently screened for
            invited audiences of gentlemen in his luxury apartment on Buena Vista
            West Avenue. He was a millionaire living in the only high-rise Art Deco
            building on the street. Guests enjoyed his view overlooking the sex trails in
            Buena Vista Park to the east across the street. Very high-tech for the time, he
            projected his images on his art-theater-sized 20-foot-wide roll-down screen
            using a bank of nine projectors programmed so fluidly that his presentation
            looked like a movie when, in fact, it was a series of 35mm slides dissolving at
            different speeds into each other. When Gene Weber died, October 2, 1992,
            he bequeathed his vast 35mm-color transparency collection to the GLBT
            Historical Society of San Francisco where our Blood Crucifixion and his
            other erotic photography may be viewed.
               Besides having vacationed together in the Carribean (1977) for the
            Drummer 20 scuba sex shots, Gene Weber and I had traveled together to
            Japan in October 1975, spending time in the outskirts of Tokyo at a Samurai
            house of bondage where the vibe was polite but a bit cool because the owners
            remembered World War II. The model in Gene Weber’s photos for “Cock
            Casting” (Drummer 15, May 1977) and for “Plaster Casting” (Drummer 18,
            August 1977) was our friend, Max Morales, the handsome and spiritually
            centered athlete who was great friends with Paul Gerrior aka Ledermeister,
            the archetypal Colt leather-bear model. In North Beach theater-clubs and
            cabarets featuring “Live Topless Girls,” Max appeared nightly, or at least,
            regularly, oozing male sex appeal, as the exotic-erotic dance partner of sev-
            eral female dancers. Max Morales was fictionalized in The Holy Mountain
            section of Some Dance to Remember, Reel 6, Scene 4.

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