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70       Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

               On June 4, 1981, Lou Thomas wrote a letter on Target Studios statio-
            nery asking me to contribute to his Target Album magazine: “Dear Jack:
            ...As you know, I’ve long admired your writing ability—it was a sad day
            for Drummer when you and A. Jay left.” On August 21, 1981, Lou wrote
            a similar letter of invitation to Al Shapiro. Both letters are in my leather
            archives. The story which I sent him was “The Dirtiest Blond Contractor
            in West Texas.”

            Drummer 14 Cover: photo by Lou Thomas, Target Studio.

            Drummer  15 Cover: drawing by A. Jay aka Al Shapiro, founding San
            Francisco Drummer art director; A. Jay’s only Drummer cover.

            Drummer 19 Cover: publicity photo by Joe Gage from his film El Paso
            Wrecking Corp.

            Drummer  21 Cover: photo by Fritscher-Sparrow of San Francisco caba-
            ret pianist, John Trowbridge; together, he and I wrote  the S&M song,
            “Masochist Stomp,” for Drummer.

            Drummer 23 Cover: photo by Lou Thomas; Target Studio photo of homo-
            masculine “Barry” whom I chose to place on the Drummer cover because
            he typified my “Redneck” theme issue; Barry exuded universal sex appeal
            as a tattooed Southern model also for Colt Studio and for David Hurles’
            Old Reliable Studio. As a photographer, I wanted to shoot Barry, but he
            was one model who got away. My longtime friend David Hurles, usually so
            generous in sharing his models, was oddly possessive of his “exclusive” on
            Barry Hoffman who was also a Colt and Target model, and I dropped the
            subject. Before he was a porn film star, Barry was, in fact, the real person
            on whom James Leo Herlihy based his character Joe Buck in his 1965 novel
            Midnight Cowboy. Jon Voight who played Joe Buck in the 1969 film, the
            only X-rated movie to win the Oscar for Best Picture, was cast because of
            his resemblance to Barry who was more sexy and handsome. Voight was no
            Joe Buck, and, with his anti-gay conservative Republican Party politics, he
            eventually made his entire acting career impossible to watch.

            Drummer 24 Cover: photo by Robert Mapplethorpe is the quintessential
            Mapplethorpe leather portrait; I cast and designed the photograph and
            commissioned Mapplethorpe to shoot it, requesting the portrait be in color
            which was unexpected for Mapplethorpe who usually shot people in black

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