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Jack Fritscher              Chapter 2                         71

             and white, and flowers in color. I cast my New York playmate, Elliot Siegal,
             who had never modeled, because I thought him an Emersonian representa-
             tive man dripping with the verite of “dirty Mineshaft appeal.” After meeting
             Elliott Siegal, Mapplethorpe fell in lust and shot him several times: “Elliot
             and Dominick 1979,” Photograph 11 in Robert Mapplethorpe: Ten by Ten
             (1988). Elliott lived at 58 Charles Street where Mapplethorpe lensed him.

             Drummer  25 Cover: photo by Fritscher-Sparrow of pre-steroid Mike
             Glassman, the future Colt model “Ed Dinakos,” armpits rampant, and smil-
             ing which was then unusual in leather photography.

             Drummer 30 Cover: photo by Fritscher-Sparrow; a carefully coded “fist-
             ing” two-shot of Val Martin and his lover, Bob Hyslop aka the model
             “Leo Stone.” This is the last Drummer cover shot by the team of Fritscher-
             Sparrow. We staged it in Sonoma County. Its design was inspired by our
             annual October visits to the International Arm-Wrestling Championships
             in Petaluma, California, one hour north of the Golden Gate Bridge.
                The mano-a-mano eye-stare and arm-wrestle signify how my first love,
             David Sparrow, and I were struggling at the end of what had been our
             mostly wonderful ten-year affair. The pose is also symbolic of how David
             Sparrow and I were arm-wrestling Embry over the esthetics and payment
             for our photos in Drummer. As David Sparrow struggled with his addictions
             and depression during our divorce, he was increasingly angry at Embry and
             unavailable for shoots.
                Conditions dictated that, solo, I shot Val Martin and Leo Stone one
             more time for the “Spit” centerfold of Drummer 31. The weekend shoot
             again occurred at the Sonoma ranch of Ed Linotti, one of the founding
             members of the Pacific Drill Patrol (PDP), the first uniform club founded in
             San Francisco (1972). When published in Drummer, my Martin/Stone cen-
             terfold, because of Embry’s dirty math subtracting “Fritscher,” was bylined
             “by David Sparrow.”

             Drummer 118 Cover: photo by Jack Fritscher of Keith Ardent (real name,
             Coleman Jones) from the Palm Drive Video feature,  Pec Stud in Black
             Rubber. I shot this 35mm transparency on November 22, 1987, at the urgent
             request of the model, Keith Ardent, whose HIV bucket list included the
             hope of being made immortal on the cover of Drummer. (Keith Ardent also
             modeled for Christopher Rage and Zeus Studio.) True to Ardent’s wish,
             this July 1988 cover shot was designed in studio to be an archetypal and
             representative Drummer cover.

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