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72       Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

               In content, it showcases a true-life verite Drummer player encircled with
            fetish items covering his frontal nudity and presenting the hauteur of a top.
               In design, the purposely vertical shot is composed by shooting up at the
            standing figure to empower him. At the top of the frame, I left air-space for
            the Drummer title, and at the side for a stack of cover copy. The photo is lit
            with off-camera electric spotlights to enhance the “outdoor shoot” which is
            signature of the early “Fritscher-Sparrow” and later “Fritscher solo” covers
            shot outdoors in contrast to most Drummer covers shot indoors.
               On April 18, 1988, I again photographed Keith Ardent, who was a
            lovely man, in his quintessential leather video,  Let’s Play Doctor. Keith
            Ardent, wish-fulfilled and thereafter known as “a Drummer cover model,”
            lived until September 9, 1992.

            Drummer 140 Cover: photo by Jack Fritscher of Randy Rann from the
            Palm Drive Video feature, Daddy’s Tools. In this June 1990 issue, DeBlase
            announces Drummer is “For Sale” on page 5.

            Drummer 157 Cover: photo by Jack Fritscher of “Moustached Bodybuilder”
            inserted on lower left of cover next to photograph by Steve Savage of the
            model Brutus who was the star of four Palm Drive Video features. Printed
            twice on the cover and on page 10, this Fritscher photograph is mistakenly
            uncredited in Drummer 157; its provenance is that Fritscher’s “Moustached
            Bodybuilder,” shot in 1978, was also the cover of California Action Guide
            (August 1982).

            Drummer  159 Cover: photo by Jack Fritscher of Larry Perry, the most
            famous 1980s bartender at the Spike in LA who had appeared in Drummer
            132, page 45. My photo, shot October 3, 1990, is a production still from my
            Palm Drive Video feature, Naked Came the Stranger, starring Larry Perry.
            This photo shared the cover with a larger photo of IML winner, Lenny
            Broberg, shot by Scott Beseman. My agreement with the second publisher
            of Drummer, Tony Deblase, was that Larry Perry was to be solo on the
            cover. But Deblase sold Drummer, to its third publisher, Martijn Bakker,
            and agreements, as they always did at Drummer, shifted. According to editor
            Joseph W. Bean, Perry had somehow offended Bakker who allegedly said,
            “That man will never be on the cover of my magazine.” I figure, according
            to the divine right of porn kings, new owner Bakker, who is a mystery, may
            have demanded sex and Larry Perry said, “Fuck you.”
               Nevertheless, the brilliant Bean managed to print the extremely popular
            Perry’s appearance on this first cover of the first issue published by Martijn

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