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76       Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

            Trademark and copyright are two different categories. Names and titles
            are not protected by copyright law. Embry may, however, have been rely-
            ing on the laws about “unregistered trademarks.” Therefore, besides the
            Drummer magazine founded in 1975, there exists Modern Drummer maga-
            zine founded in 1977. One is about gay leather and the other is about musical

                            INNOVATIONS INSIDE DRUMMER:

                  Fritscher Kickstarts the Grass-roots Drummer Outreach Program
               to Relate Directly to Readers with “Tough Customers” and “Tough Shit.”

               Editor’s Note: In Drummer 25 (December 1978), Fritscher invented the
               “Tough Customers” photo feature to liberate recently closeted readers’
               primal fear of the camera, and to make the pages of Drummer reflect
               genuine gay faces rather than only models. No other person was involved
               with creating “Tough Customers.”
                   In 1990, Tough Customers became its own magazine created by the
               astute Drummer editor Joseph W. Bean. Drummer publisher Anthony
               DeBlase wrote in Drummer 128 (May 1989), that Jack Fritscher’s “‘Tough
               Customers’” concept “is obviously one of the, if not the, most popular fea-
               ture in Drummer.” In the first issue of Tough Customers, DeBlase acknowl-
               edged on page 4 the grass-roots outreach Fritscher invented to reflect the
               readers: “When we asked Drummer readers what they liked best about
               each monthly issue of Drummer, the response was overwhelming: ‘Tough
                   As a companion to “Tough Customers,” Fritscher also created the
               news-clipping column, “Tough Shit,” which was announced on the con-
               tents page of Drummer 22 (May 1978), but not included; “Tough Shit”
               appeared for the first time in Drummer 23 (July 1978). It parodied human
               foibles from a leather humor point of view.

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