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Jack Fritscher              Chapter 3                         77

                                     CHAPTER 3

                             LEATHER PERVERSATILITY

                           What Makes Redneck Cops Erotic?
                      The LAPD Busts the Drummer Slave Auction
                Anita Bryant, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the Culture War

                •  Counter-phobic Lust: How Gay Men Sexualize “Bully
                    Cops” as “Fetish Tops” from the LAPD to the Academy
                    Training Center
                •  Charles Manson, Patty Hearst, and the Great Drummer
                    Slave Auction Raid
                •  Anita Bryant Ignites the Culture War; The Advocate and
                    The National Enquirer Trash Drummer
                •  Photographic Censorship in Cincinnati, the Most Puritan
                    City in the USA
                •  Mapplethorpe and Schwarzenegger: Political Censorship
                    on eBay

             Los Angeles in the leather-noir 1970s was a mysteriously conservative city.
             Think of the LA politics, danger, and corruption in the 1974 film, Chinatown,
             directed by Roman Polanski who learned plenty about the LAPD after the
             Manson Family murdered his wife, Sharon Tate, and six others in 1969.
             The Manson-Tate killings made LA’s conservative police chief Ed Davis
             nationally infamous over night. Conscious of his media image as a star
             “technical advisor” to popular television shows glamorizing right-wing cops
             such as Dragnet (1967-1970) and Adam-12 (1968-1975), he was dedicated
             to preserving the values of “Old Los Angeles” even as he was driven, in the
             “New Los Angeles “of the 1970s, to set straight the twisted press his LAPD
             had earned over his handling of the Manson-Tate bloodbath executed by
             Charles Manson’s Family of sex slaves whom he and the media confused
             with BDSM leather behavior.
                In March 1977, the same month that John Embry hired me to edit
             Drummer at the moment the magazine was fleeing from LA to San Francisco,
             Polanski learned even more when arrested by the LAPD and charged with

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