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80       Gay Pioneers: How Drummer Shaped Gay Popular Culture 1965-1999

            real weekend with real straight cops. Many Drummer readers took out their
            charge cards and booked their vacations at the Academy Training Center.
            Secretly aided and abetted by my longtime friend and Training Center
            founder Chip Weichelt (1952-2003), and cheered on by publisher Tony
            DeBlase, I went undercover at the Academy as an eyewitness reporter for
            Drummer. In fact, I was the first and only editor or writer of Drummer to go
            under deep cover to get a Drummer exclusive. In Drummer 145 (December
            1990), editor Joseph W. Bean published my upbeat gonzo feature on straight
            cops role-playing rough but consensual BDSM games with gay men behind
            bars: “Incarceration for Pleasure: The Academy Training Center.”
               This is Chip Weichelt’s monthly ad as it appeared in Drummer 123
            (September 1988):

               The [Academy] Training Center, Inc, now a full-time staffed facil-
               ity [first in Washington, Missouri, and then in Alpharetta outside
               Atlanta], continues to offer men with a serious interest a unique
               alternative service. TC can design and implement each detail of
               your experience in various environments and scenarios for week-
               end or week-long sessions. Special situations such as public arrest,
               hostage, and other complex programs are executed in a realistic
               correctional or military atmosphere. Cell confinement, immobili-
               zation, isolation, interrogation, sensory control, and endurance situ-
               ations are all offered in a safe, sane, discreet [that is, no sex with the
               straight cops; shaming words like gay and faggot were never uttered
               in a Training Center scene] and monitored environment. All TC
               programs are administered by professionally trained military, cor-
               rections, and LE [law enforcement] personnel. Written inquiries
               should include a phone number for contact, or call (314) 281-4345.
               Reservation and deposit are required. References available world-
               wide. TC cannot offer sexual situations as part of their programs.
               Training Center, PO Box 672, Bridgeton MO 63044. Special pro-
               grams for guest instructors now available.

               The counter-phobic stretch from the negative psychology of the LAPD
            arrests (1976) to the positive Academy Training Center experience (1988) is
            a way for queer historians to measure how erotic archetypes of dominance
            and submission in gay liberation evolved forward inside leather culture. This
            delicious fatal attraction led to the publication ten years earlier of my feature,
            “Prison Blues: Confessions of a Prison Tour Junkie,” in Drummer 21 (March
            1978), as well as Frank O’Rourke’s “Prison Punk,” serialized in many issues

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