Jack Fritscher in BOOKS BY OTHERS

Short Fiction Anthology

Best Gay Erotica 1997

Selected and Introduced by
Douglas Sadownick
edited by Richard Labonte

"Brideshead of
Frankenstein Revisited"

A Short Story by
Jack Fritscher


Table of Contents:

"Foreward" -- by Richard Labonte
"Introduction" -- by Douglas Sadownick
"Brideshead of Frankenstein Revisited" -- by Jack Fritscher
"Tricktych" -- by Pansy Bradshaw
"Palladium" -- by D. Travers Scott
"Social Relations" -- by Scott O'Hara
"Crescendo" -- by Simon Sheppard
"Cocksucker's Tango" -- by Justin Killian
"Heat Wave" -- by Kevin Killian
"When the Cat's Away" -- by Lawrence Schmile
"Southern Sheriff" -- by Gary Bowen
"Stell Gray" -- by Ken Butler
"The First Branding Journal" -- by Cornelius Conboy
"Motherfuckers" -- by Emanuel Xavier
"Blue Hawaii" -- by Robert Goldstein
"Threads" -- by J. Eigo
"Miserere" -- by Michael Patrick Spillers
"Griffith Park Elegy" -- Al Lujan
"Scenes From a Sex Life" -- by Doug Mirk
"The Surrogate" -- by Jameson Currier
"Exhibitionist Memoir: An Excerpt" -- by Roberto Friedman
"The Lady in the Hatbox" -- by R.L. Kitzman
"Lance As a Redneck Spirtual Adept" -- by Ferd Eggan
"Je T'Amine, Batman, e T'adore" -- by Kelly McQuain
"Sex With God" -- by Tommi Avicolli Mecca

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