with Interior Photographs by

ARS EROTICA: An Arousing History of Erotic Art
by Edward Lucie-Smith

One photograph by Jack Fritscher in:
Ars Erotica: An Arousing History of Erotic Art,
written by Edward Lucie-Smith, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, The Orion Publishing Group, London, 1997, 192 pages.

Besides deeply canonical artists such as Fragonard and Picasso, among the hundred new photographers and artists included in this book are Jack Fritscher, Arthur Tress, Rick Castro, Judy Chicago, Chris Nelson, George Dureau, Bruce of Los Angeles, Don Bachardy, Tony Butcher, Delmas Howe, Andres Serrano, David Pearce, Luis Caballero, and Edward Lucie-Smith.

In the chapter, Looking On, Fritschers black-and-white photograph captures a hairy bearded cop exposing himself through a door, with his gaze in dark aviator glasses fixed on the viewer. Lucie-Smiths caption reads: Undercover Cop: The Coefficients of Desire (1974). Jack Fritschers edgy photograph presents the object of homosexual desire as both the observer and the thing observed. The air of menace is palpable. (Page103)

The model pictured is Fritschers friend, the designer Lee Boyack, a founding member of the Pacific Drill Patrol, San Franciscos first uniform club. On a night in 1981, when the Barracks Bath roared up in flames on the corner of Folsom Street and Hallam, the neighborhood residents, trapped inside Hallam mews, escaped when Lee Boyack and his partner Bill Livingston, who lived at the closed end of Hallam, threw open the doors of their brick warehouse home so their neighbors, fleeing away from Folsom Street, could escape the firestorm. Among the hundred residents burned out were the artist Rex and the photographer Mark I. Chester who both lost their studios.
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